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With its best streak of the season in Ligue 1, with five wins in a row, Paris Saint Germain is already the leader of the French competition with the effective combination of goals from Kyllian Mbappe, author of the 0-1 lead after two minutes and a half, from 0-2 at the beginning of the second half and from 0-3 in the final stretch, and Donnarumma’s seven stops, some decisive in supporting the current champion.

The Parisian team did not go much further than that in their visit to Reims, fourth in the standings.
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The goals

At least, until 0-2. But it is already a lot for any opponent in a tournament with the superiority that Luis Enrique Martínez’s team is assumed to have, even though it did not reach the top until the twelfth matchday: Nice tied on Friday, PSG took advantage on Saturday.

It all started and ended with Mbappe. An indispensable phenomenon for Paris Saint Germain. Increasingly. No matter how many figures surround him, he always stands out. No matter how many signings arrive, in the current champion’s constant desire to transform so many individualities into a true block, it depends on his most incontestable scorer. He needs it. It’s crucial. It’s happened all season. Also the previous one. And maybe before. It also happened this Saturday in Reims.

In two minutes and 35 seconds. Among the whistles of the rival fans, in a few moments, the second time he touched the ball, he scored the 0-1 with which PSG once again built its victory. His volley was wonderful, with the inside of his right foot, crossed, to the opposite corner, after a cross from Dembele from the right.

PSG did not exist in attack all the way to the break. And there he turned to Donnarumma. Formidable. First, in the 5th minute, already with 1-0 on the scoreboard.

Then, relieved when the referee annulled Junya Ito’s 1-1 score for offside due to Damary’s illegal position at the beginning of the action, on the verge of the 7th minute. It was not enough as a warning. There were more interventions in that section. Another from the Italian goalkeeper to Ito.

Another, great one, to Richardson after a commotion in the area. The congratulations from Marquinhos and Skriniar demonstrated the dimension of such a stop. Then, to a center shot from Ito, to which he stretched again. And also a header from Okumu, until in the 58th minute, suddenly, Mbappe scored.

The pass was from Carlos Soler, who made it 0-2 for the peace of Paris Saint Germain, which still required two new decisive appearances from Donnarumma, who fantastically solved a volley from Munetsy, to whom he again made another great save to close definitively. his goal, before 0-3.

Also from
Mbappe. He still hit another shot off the crossbar. He is the new leader of Ligue 1. Because of his goalscorer and his goalkeeper. An unstoppable combination.

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