José Ramón Fernández Clashes with David Faitelson: Controversy Over Mexico vs. Honduras Match

José Ramón Fernández sent a tremendous blow to Faitelson, now a TUDN journalist, and the networks do not forgive the controversial journalist for what he said about Rueda.

After Honduras’ 2-0 against Mexico, David Faitelson, TUDN sports communicator, attacked the Aztecs on his personal X account, formerly Twitter, and this Monday José Ramón Fernández sent him a tremendous blow.

“Shameful performance by the Mexican team… This is the true level of Mexican soccer,” published the controversial journalist.

After these statements, José Ramón Fernández, an ESPN journalist, left a dart at David Faitelson, who in previous days commented on his social networks that the Mexican players were “scoundrels.”

The popular sports communicator defended Jaime Lozano’s team and took out a dictionary to read the meaning of “scoundrel” in the middle of the Fútbol Picante program.

“Do you agree that someone off the microphone says that Mexican players are scoundrels?” commented José Ramón Fernández, sending the indirect message to Faitelson.

He added: “I brought my diary from the academy. “It’s very easy to say things and not clarify and say that the players are scoundrels, what does that mean?”

“Scoundrels: Of people who comment for their own benefit and who engage in immorality. So why scoundrels? The scoundrels are the FIFA directors who do not hold a qualifying tournament to avoid these tragedies,” said the Mexican sports journalist.

On the other hand, the controversial journalist was once again in the spotlight, but this time on social networks where he mercilessly sent a strong message to the Honduras coach, Reinaldo Rueda.

“Yesterday Mexico City was very hot, we arrived at immigration around 2:00 in the afternoon and everything that happened there, including the control of our luggage, something that is unheard of to happen in Concacaf, especially with everything it means fair play as they say in FIFA,” he told Cinco Deportivo.

And he added: “This lack of reciprocity, of hospitality, of sometimes retaining luggage, of confiscating them and of charging taxes for certain technological medical devices that we use and having to pay taxes for a few hours that we are going to be here, when they are used devices. that all the teams in the world use.”

After these statements, David Faitelson responded openly this Monday and left a blunt message to the Bicolor strategist.

Faitelson: “Mr. Rueda, with all due respect, the same thing that you and your soccer players suffered, all Mexicans suffer. Don’t feel so important…”

This did not please several users and Hondurans, who showed their discontent in X after Faitelson’s controversial comment.

Jenny Fernández from DIEZ responded to Faitelson’s controversial statements towards Rueda: “You must first inform yourself before writing any nonsense…he did not complain about the airport, but about the lack of management by Concacaf to attend to the delegation.”

And he concluded: “Here in Honduras there was a migration and customs window enabled only for the Mexican delegation, it is something basic that is done with any official delegation that comes to the country”

Several users on social networks also decided to respond: “Imagine how he will not feel important when he is champion of liberators, a World Cup player with 2 teams in different confederations.”

Others defended and commented: “Demanding decent service is not feeling more important… You are a journalist.”

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