Joao Mario hat-trick, then goals from Arnautovic, Frattesi and

11.19pm – Inter, evening with two faces: everything changed in the second half

(Paolo Tomaselli, sent to Lisbon) If the walls of the legendary Da Luz could speak, who knows what they would say about the fifteen minute interval spent in the Inter locker room, which in the second half came back from three goals against Benfica and ended with a smile an evening that could have undermine some certainties and instead ends up cementing the group even more. Simone Inzaghi turns his team around twice: the first by changing eight starters in a match that could have been lost without jeopardizing the chances of winning the group and the second by reviving a team fresh from a nightmare first half, in which nothing works and in which the former Joao Mario gives himself a hat-trick as revenge, after having scored 4 goals in 69 matches for the Nerazzurri.

Benfica-Inter report cards: Klaassen a foreign body (4.5), Frattesi’s pearl (7). Thuram gives the shock

The really positive note for Inter is that two goals out of three for the comeback arrived before the substitutions, with a deflection from two steps by Arnautovic following a header by Bisseck from a corner and with a nice volley by Frattesi, from a cross from the left of Acerbi in free exit. Thuram, as soon as he entered, won a penalty which drove the Red Eagles people crazy: Otamendi’s foul was clear, but at the start of the action Sanchez’s contact with Joao Neves was truly suspicious. Sanchez himself goes to the spot, making no mistakes. While Audero, in his first international match, saves on Di Maria.

Thus, an embarrassing evening for the entire first half, ends with Benfica with 10 men due to the expulsion of the baby phenomenon Antonio Silva (Barella entered under the penal code) and in the throes of a hysterical crisis in the face of the Nerazzurri gusts, with Lautaro coming on in turn to attempt the knockout blow and Barella who shook the crossbar in the 96th minute. The victory doesn’t come – and in his small way it would have been worth telling for posterity – but the response that Inzaghi gets, after the gallery of errors exposed for 45 minutes, is loud and clear: the reserve Inter don’t give up anything either.

Because it is true that Bisseck, Klaassen, Arnautovic and Asllani play little, but their difficulties disorientate all of Inter, who don’t keep a ball and become vulnerable. So Joao Mario immediately took advantage of Tengstedt’s advantage to go in search of the victory that would keep his Europa League hopes alive. Shortly afterwards Asllani dawdles in front of the area, loses the ball and again the Danish derby hero with Sporting (goal in the 97th minute) crosses for JM, who makes no mistake. The hat-trick was served with a similar script: another cross from Tengstedt, deflected by Augusto, mess in the middle with Bisseck holding his breath and another easy shot. Inter have a good opportunity with Arnautovic, put in front of Trubin by a vertical ball from Frattesi. But nothing really goes right, until Inzaghi looks his team in the eyes as he stared at Chiesa at the Stadium, in the video that went viral. And it changes everything.

11.04pm – Crazy Inter, from 0-3 to 3-3. Barella posts in the 95th minute

Inter’s feat at da Luz in Lisbon: they ended the first half behind by three goals and came back by the same in the second, and against Benfica it ended 3-3 with the Nerazzurri already qualified for the round of 16 but showing a display of pride notable in the second half. In the first half Benfica seemed to have already closed the match and Joao Mario did everything, scoring a hat-trick in just over half an hour. In the second half there were goals from Arnautovic, Frattesi and Sanchez. Barella hits the post in the 95th minute

10.58pm – Barella crossbar, 95′

What a shame for Inter, Barella hit the post with a sure shot from the center of the area

10.52pm – Last chances, 92′

Benfica restarts with Rafa Silva who enters the area and shoots with his right foot, Bisseck contains it in a corner kick. At the other end Lautaro tries with a header

10.50pm – Maxi recovery, 90′

There will be 9 minutes of injury time, which Inter will play with numerical superiority

Ore 22:44 – Benfica in 10, 84’

Bad challenge by Antonio Silva on Barella, the referee after consulting the VAR opts for the red card

10.43pm – Great save by Audero, 82′

Di Maria tries a great play, but his shot aimed under the crossbar is blocked for a corner by Audero

10.39pm – Benfica chance, 78′

On a free kick from Di Mariam, Morato heads the ball, but the ball goes wide

10.37pm – Another substitution for Inzaghi, 77′

Inside another starter, here is Dimarco who takes de Vrij’s place

10.35pm – Benfica reacts, 75′

Great ball to get past Di Maria’s defense for Tengstedt, who just doesn’t get there

Ore 22:31 – Gol dell’Inter, 3-3. 72’

Inter equalized! Sanchez goes from the spot, beating Trubin. The Chilean from the spot was impeccable

10.30pm – Penalty for Inter, 70′

Thuram was immediately decisive: the Frenchman entered the area and aimed at Otamendi, who knocked him down with a stomp. After a VAR consultation, the penalty is confirmed

10.28pm – Triple change for Inzaghi, 68′

Inzaghi changes three: Cuadrado, Thuram and Barella inside, Darmian, Arnautovic, Klaassen outside

10.25pm ​​- Miraculous finish by Bisseck, 64′

Great defensive intervention by Bisseck, who slides into the area on Tengstedt, blocking his shot on the best shot

10.21pm – Di Maria’s reaction, 61′

Di Maria tries to put Benfica on his shoulders, but his shot from the edge of the box is too weak. No problem for Audero

10.17pm – Inter reopens, goal from Frattesi 57′

Here it is Inter’s second goal, scored by Davide Frattesi. The Nerazzurri reopened the match within 13′. The former Sassuolo player’s first-time effort was beautiful following an assist from Acerbi

10.15pm – Benfica tries to put the rhythm to sleep, 55′

Inter entered the field more aggressively in this second half, Benfica was consequently trying to put the match to sleep with possession. In fact, another Nerazzurri goal would reopen everything

Ore 22:11 – Gol dell’Inter, 51’

Inter closes the gap, Arnautovic scores the 3-1 following the development of a corner. Header from Bisseck, who finds the Austrian striker at the far post. The latter beats Trubin with his foot

10.10pm – Free kick by Sanchez, 50′

Free kick from a favorable position for Inter, with Sanchez taking charge. Trubin lifts it over the crossbar

10.09pm – Inter chance, 49′

Carlos Augusto, served by Darmian, tries the shot from outside. Well done Trubin, who deflects it into the corner

10.06pm – Second half begins, 46′

The second half begins, first ball for Benfica. No changes for Inzaghi

9.49pm – The first half ends here, 45+4′

The first half ends here, with Benfica even leading by three goals at the break. Nerazzurri protagonists of a bad evening so far: many changes wanted by Inzaghi (8 compared to the starting 11) and the difference was visible. The hat-trick in 33′ by former player Joao Mario decides

9.45pm – A few minutes until the end of the first half, 44′

Allowed 4 minutes of added time

9.42pm – Inter chance, 40′

Bisseck from the right crosses into the middle for De Vrij, who however hits badly. The ball lands at the feet of Carlos Augusto, whose attempt is out of bounds

9.40pm – Bad evening for Inter, 36′

If Inzaghi was looking for answers from the second lines, the Nerazzurri coach certainly cannot be considered satisfied, with three goals conceded in the space of half an hour. Bisseck in particular was in great difficulty in the defense trio

9.33pm – Benfica hat-trick, 33′

Another goal from Joao Mario, hat-trick for the former Inter. Benfica plays in the Nerazzurri area, the ball ends up between the feet of Tengstedt who finds Joao in the middle from the right. For him it’s child’s play to score

21:31 – Benfica protests, 28′

Tengstedt goes down in the area following contact with Tengstedt, but the referee lets it go. Timid protests from the Portuguese, who asked for a penalty

9.26pm – Inter chance, 25′

Here was the most important opportunity for Inter, with Frattesi finding the through ball for Arnautovic: the Austrian, face to face with Trubin, was hypnotized

9.23pm – Benfica opportunity, 22′

Joao Mario’s pass in the area for Di Maria, who coordinates from outside. His conclusion is just wide

9.22pm – Inter keep the ball, 18′

The Nerazzurri try to react by keeping the ball, but possession is not dangerous, with Benfica closing off every space and trying to restart

9.16pm – Inter in difficulty, 15′

Inter are probably paying for the many new faces in the starting eleven, with Simone Inzaghi who – already qualified – has changed 8 compared to the match against Juve. After just 15′ the Nerazzurri are already two goals down (Asllani’s mistake during the second goal was serious)

9.11pm – Double by Joao Mario, 12′

Benfica doubled their lead, a shock start for Inter, who probably underestimated the strong qualifying match. Bad ball lost on the edge of his area by Asllani, with Joao Mario who makes no mistakes one-on-one with Audero

9.09pm – Another ring from Benfica, 11′

Tengstedt comes back on the right and lets the right go, Audero saves in two stages

9.07pm – Asllani tries, 9′

Long range shot from Asllani, but the ball is too central and Trubin saves it without problems

9.06pm – Benfica goal, 6′

Joao Mario, the former player of the day, did well to finish on goal on Tengstedt’s header. The Portuguese midfielder was left too alone, the hosts were already ahead (the referee had canceled it for offside, then the VAR corrected it)

9.04pm – Benfica aggressive, 4′

Benfica started strong, pressing very high and constantly playing on the edge of the Inter area

9.00 pm – Let’s start, 1′

Inter touches the first ball

8.53pm – Teams on the pitch

The Champions League anthem begins, with just a few minutes left before kick-off for Benfica-Inter

8.42pm – Marotta: «Agent Nandez? Inappropriate words”

«I can say that Inzaghi’s squad is of quality and very well blended, we don’t have big needs and the January transfer window doesn’t offer advantageous situations. I found Nandez’s agent’s statements out of place, we never looked for him.” This is how Nerazzurri CEO Giuseppe Marotta wanted to respond to Pablo Bentancur, agent of the Cagliari midfielder, who in recent days had spoken of Inter’s interest in his client

8.16pm – For Benfica, Inter is a taboo

Benfica have not won any of the six matches (D2, L4) played against Inter in the main European competitions: only against Bayern Munich have the Portuguese played more matches without having achieved any success (12 games) in the major European tournaments.

7.54pm – Inter, the official lineup: many changes for Inzaghi

There had to be many changes and in the end there will be many changes. The Inter eleven that takes to the field against Benfica is official. Only three confirmed starters, namely Darmian (moved to right winger), Acerbi and De Vrij. Midfield and attack turned upside down

INTER (3-5-2) Audero; Bisseck, De Vrij, Acerbi; Darmian, Frattesi, Asllani, Klaassen, Carlos Augusto; Sanchez, Arnautovic. Coach: Simone Inzaghi.

7.29pm – Benfica, how different life is one year later

7.10pm – Benfica-Inter, where to watch the match on TV

Last away match of the group for Inter who, already qualified, regardless of the result of the match against Benfica will play for the lead of the group in the San Siro match against Real Sociedad. Many new features will be presented by Simone Inzaghi, with an eye on the away match in Naples scheduled for Sunday evening. READ HERE where to watch the Champions League matches

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