Joao Fonseca: From Junior Circuit Dominance to Professional Tennis – His Roadmap and Great Goal

Joao Fonseca has been a great dominator of the junior circuit and is now preparing for the leap to professionalism, revealing his roadmap for this, as well as what his great goal is. In addition, he acknowledged having been surprised by certain aspects of the game of Medvedev, Sinner and Alcaraz, with whom he trained in Turin during the 2023 ATP Finals.

There are many eyes on Joao Fonseca after he amazed the world in his junior stage and emerged as one of the most promising young talents of recent times. This 17-year-old Brazilian possesses a conglomerate of virtues that have put all lovers of this sport on notice, expectant at the possibility of witnessing the birth of a star. Winner of the US Open Junior 2023 and world number 1 in this category, the Rio native surprised the world a few weeks ago by signing a preliminary agreement with the University of Virginia to compete in the NCAA. However, after sparring in the ATP Finals 2023sharing the court with the best in the world, has qualified his position in an interview for Sports TV.

“It has been an incredible experience, being able to share the court and help the best in the world is fantastic, hopefully in three or four years I can be here, it would be a dream come true. I am going to work very hard to achieve it,” he declared before clarifying your roadmap. “I want to make the leap to professionalism now, I will play a tournament in the next six or seven months. I know that I have signed for Virginia, but going there or not will depend on how I see myself in these tournaments, what my ranking is and what my feelings are. I am very clear that my desire is to have a good tennis career and end up becoming number 1 in the world“That’s my goal,” said a man who will receive great media attention in the near future, and even more so in his country, where they are longing for top-level talent, after the drought that has occurred after Guga Kuerten.

– Joao Fonseca will decide whether to go to the University of Virginia in mid-2024

Asked what impressed him most about the best in the world, Joao Fonseca It’s clear. “The most surprising thing for me has been Daniil Medvedev’s way of playing. He is very efficient in all his movements, he makes it very difficult for the opponent with his tactics and it is almost impossible to attack him. Then I would say that Jannik Sinner’s right cross is amazing, and also the intensity with which Carlos Alcaraz plays,” commented the player signed by Roger Federer’s On clothing brand, who has already shown he has the vision to “sign” promising young people, as in the case of Ben Shelton. It will be interesting to see how Joao Fonseca’s first experiences in professional tennis play out, one of those players who excite everyone.

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