Jaka puts on his boots in Aizarnazabal

In Couples’ second match there were no surprises like in the first. This Saturday, Jaka and Mariezkurrena II achieved a crushing victory against Larrazabal and Aranguren at the Aizarnazabal fronton. It had been eight years since the Gipuzkoa town had hosted a professional ball game and those in attendance were left wanting more. But the Colorados have expressed the difference with authority on a fast court that is conducive to finishing, in which Lizartza’s striker has set his boots to finish.

The duel remained even in the early stages because it took a while for the Navarrese defender to warm up the machinery. At the time he did it, he was the master of the long shots and his striker was very inspired when it came to finishing the goal. The blues have tried to contain what was coming at them and Aranguren has returned balls of true merit, but his effort has been in vain because he has left quite a few served. Faced with this situation, Larrazabal, Laso’s replacement, has had to be more focused on defending than anything else. And when he went on the attack he lacked patience. But in a match where things went south quickly, it was difficult to have it.

The victory confirms the red combination as one of the most powerful in the competition. Jaka is on fire and Mariezkurrena II wants to pass the subject that eludes him in winter. She has started the Couples well, so her confidence increases.

They started as clear favorites and have done their homework perfectly. They broke the match after a 2-2 tie thanks to the Gipuzkoan forward’s hook being very sharp and opportunities were created with the serve to immediately end the goal. In just 102 shots the score has registered 7-2. Their rivals have called for a break in an attempt to break the streak, but it has not had much effect.

A volley from the right to the wall from the Alavés and a good shot from his teammate behind allowed them to close the gap somewhat, but it was a mirage. The winners have continued to do their thing and have reached the halfway point of the contest with a seven-point advantage and the situation completely under control.

Since then his dominance has increased. The blues have not managed to do a little more. The three that have been added until the end of the match have been errors by Lizartza, who narrowly missed three shots. They have not been followed either, so they have not been a headache for them.

This Sunday in Segura

They have maintained the dynamic as they wanted and the many have continued to fall on their side one after another. Jaka did not slow down in the auction and Mariezkurrena II insisted on charging behind her to open up spaces for her. Larrazabal and Aranguren have not lasted much longer.

In the promotion Couples match that opened the festival, Agirre and Iztueta defeated Alberdi II and Morgaetxebarria (22-19) in a clash that was marked by the muscle injury that the Azpeitia striker suffered midway through the duel. He managed to finish it, but the pain he had in his lower back was evident and his performance has greatly decreased.

The third confrontation of the first day will be held this Sunday (5:00 p.m.) at the fronton of the Guipuzcoan town of Segura. Artola and Imaz face Peña II and Albisu. Both forwards are in good shape and have brilliant hitting, so the key may be behind. Ataun’s defender has more power, but his rival is one of those who knows how to control games.

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