Immobile drags Lazio to the round of 16. Milan overwhelmed by Borussia is almost out. It’s not enough to beat Newcastle

On the evening of terrible misfortune for Milan, everything is going well for Lazio. She wins without shining against Celtic, and then Cholo Simeone gives her a nice gift, going on to win in Holland against Feyenoord. It means that the Biancocelesti have already secured their place in the round of 16. Now we are starting to hear the football masters putting Pioli on the cross. Of course, yet another muscle injury, that of Thiaw at the beginning of the second half, put the Rossoneri in trouble, and this means that Something didn’t work in the preparation as it should.

Ma the penalty missed by Giroud in the fifth minute, weighs even more, because the match would have had a completely different story if the Frenchman had scored that penalty. Then, once Thiaw left, there was no other central defender on the bench to replace him. The challenge ended there. There was no Leao, Calabria and some others were not up to par. But until the start of the second half it wasn’t a bad Milan that was destroyed by bad luck.

Save soldier Pioli, for goodness’ sake. Instead, Sarri’s chestnuts were taken away from him by Ciro Immobile, half an hour on the pitch, two balls and two goals: relentless. Up until that moment, Lazio was a headless body, looking for the right spaces on the counterattack, he moved well on the flanks and then stopped there. For 80 minutes the Celtic goalkeeper played the tourist. Then the timeless Ciro changed the course of things. Both times thanks to the young Isaksen. The old man and the child.

On paper, Lazio did not have a prohibitive task: Celtic, already beaten in Scotland, even if after a hard-fought match, resolved only at the end, are at the bottom of the group with only one point in their game, and could not really be considered a difficult obstacle to overcome. The problem, however, is above all psychological, because we cannot otherwise explain the disappointing results of Sarri’s team. He is not having a good time in the championship and the defeat in Salernoagainst the last in the standings, it also opened up some doubts about the future of the Biancoceleste coach. Six defeats in thirteen games is the unfortunate CV that Lazio has built in Serie A, a path that for now keeps them away from the next Champions League.

The departure was promising, with one Lazio is much more aggressive than the one that stutters in the championshipless tic and toc and more vertical game. The problem is that Lazio reaches the opponent’s area well and then he almost never manages to finish. And after the initial flare-up, discouragement begins to grip the Olimpico. In the notebook there are good opportunities all aborted, with the external players, Isaksen is Felipe Anderson, who create havoc on the wings but without managing to produce a noteworthy cross. There are only two shots from distance to note, one from Rovella, over the crossbar, and the other from Luis Alberto saved without difficulty by Hart. Really too little.

In the second half, after 15 minutes, Lazio changes face: in i senatorPedro and Immobile, two who have great confidence in scoring, hoping that at least they will be able to do the thing they miss most, that of shooting on goal. Pious illusion. The good thing is that both teams have to win (even for Celtic a draw is of no use), yet the minutes pass but nobody sees shots on target. It’s the 82nd minute and up to that point nothing has happened: Celtic throws themselves forward, and Lazio hits on the counterattack. First Luis Alberto shoots high from a good position, and then Ciro ImmobileHe, again, collects Isaksen’s shot deflected by a defender and puts it into the net. It’s the turning point of the game. Gustav Tang Isaksen, perhaps the best on the pitch, he still launches his stainless sniper into the area, left footed doesn’t forgive and two nil. Lazio, in an identity crisis, is also advancing in Europe.

Milan’s task is much more difficult. With Borussia it’s an inside or outside game. The Germans arrive at San Siro at the top of Group F with seven points, a plus one over PSG and a plus two over Milan. In the Champions League, Edin Terzic’s men, after losing to PSG, found the right place in the back pack, scoring three consecutive clean sheets. It must be said that in the Bundesliga their defense is not so airtight, but what is certain is that the Germans’ game relies on excellent coverage in the central area of ​​the pitch and a great ability to intercept the passing lines of the opponents, to trigger quick restarts.

The challenge begins with fireworks. In the fifth, penalty for Milan: Schlotterbeck blocks Chukweze’s shot with his wide arm. Giroud looks for the left corner from the spot, but Kobel manages to clear it with a dive. Four minutes and the situation is reversed: Bynoe-Gittens enters the area and Calabria, late, hits him on the foot. Penalty. And Marco Reus makes no mistake, crossing halfway to Maignan’s right. It’s a game, already difficult, now even uphill. When it seems to get bad, that’s it the flash that puts the Rossoneri back on track: Samuel Chukweze enters the area from the right, passes two opponents and pierces Kobel with the ball which passes through a melee of legs.

The second half begins with Milan almost constantly in the opponent’s half of the pitch. Thiaw recovers with a great close on Bynoe-Gittens, but immediately stops feeling a pull behind his left thigh. Pioli doesn’t have any defenders on the bench. He is forced to replace him with Krunic. But this is the episode that completely changes the course of the match. 6 minutes pass, and when Borussia appears in the Rossoneri’s area for the first time in the second half, Byone-Gittens collects Sabitzer’s pass, which sent Calabria into overdrive, and with a right-footed shot puts Maignan in the corner . It’s a bad blow. Milan rushes forward but then the new entry Adeyemi served from a tight position by Reus, he returns and shoots with his right, mocking Maignan, perhaps placed badly between the posts. It’s almost a sentence.

Milan doesn’t give up, they besiege Borussia, Tomori sends a header high from a good position, Pulisic challenges the German goalkeeper twice, Jovic also hits the post. But this evening bad luck sees clearly and has decided to attack the Rossoneri. Tomori also seems to have a physical problem. Loftus Cheek he sensationally misses his shot on goal, then Jovic again sees his scissors kick saved in two stages by Kobel. There’s also a Fullkrug crossbar in the middle, for the record. Poker would have been frankly exaggerated. Enough and advance this three to one. Newcastle drew in Paris. Now all that remains is to go and win in England, as long as it’s enough, hoping that luck will sooner or later give something back to the Rossoneri.

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