Highlighting Players and Performances in the Basketball Youth League: Week 6 Review

Basketball Youth LeagueThe sixth week of the season is over with the matches played on Monday.

Players and performances that left their mark after the 6th week in BGL…

– Showcase

Egemen Aktaş from Bahçeşehir College is one of those who stand out with his performance this season. The 2006 player draws attention with his contribution to both scoring and rebounding. He can be a dangerous weapon if he stabilizes his outside shot.

– Attention

Melih Kurtay from Çağdaş Bodrum is one of the most important scorers of the league. The 2004 player has now made himself ready for the next level. Melih currently has the potential to play in many TBL teams.

– Development

Fenerbahçe’s Faruk Biberovic is among the fit players of the season and the fact that he is a dangerous weapon, especially in outside shots, is one of the factors that make him stand out. If Faruk is a little more active on the defensive side of things, his path will be clearer.

AB Group

Team of the Week: Samsunspor
Player of the Week: Yavuz Selim Kara

Top 5

Kerem Soyuçaylı (Manisa): 19-6-4
Cem Küçüközkan (Tofaş): 23-6-11
Egemen Aktaş (Bahçeşehir): 25-1-5
Yavuz Selim Kara (Bahçeşehir): 22-1-9
Mehmet Gür (Samsun): 17-1-11

Joker 5

Melih Kurtay (Bodrum): 24-1-9
Mert Göçer (Darüşşafaka): 16-3-4
Erim Edvin Lif (Telekom): 16-2-6
Hamza Altın (Bodrum): 23-3-4
Atakan Biçer (Telekom): 12-3-10

C-D Grubu

Team of the Week: Fenerbahçe Beko
Player of the Week: Berk Can Akın

Top 5

Demir Etkesen (Karşıyaka): 17-5-4
Eren İlyem (Fenerbahçe): 12-7-3
Berk Can Akın (Bursa): 32-1-12
Iron Guest (Petkim): 15-4-2
Faruk Biberovic (Fenerbahçe): 19-6-10

Joker 5

Tuna Tekşen (Ege Assist): 12-4-4
Çağan Akbay (Büyükçekmece): 26-4-6
Arda Atay (Centermaster): 10-2-5
Ahmet Er Değer (Büyükçekmece): 12-3-13
Alp Ako (Galatasaray): 31-1-3

* AB and CD groups were evaluated jointly.
* Statistics are listed as points, assists, rebounds.
* Players from teams that lost to Joker 5 were included.
* In the lists, importance is given to performance rather than positions.

Aggregated Results

Ege Assist:59 Pınar Karşıyaka:61
Bursaspor:79 Onvo Büyükçekmece:78
Türk Telekom:56 Manisa İzmir BK:64
Merkezefendi Youth: 47 Aliağa Petkim: 92
Çağdaş Bodrum:82 Tofaş:97
TED Ankara College students: 60 Bahçeşehir College: 78
Samsunspor:64 Darüşşafaka:62
Fenerbahçe Beko:70 Galatasaray:66


A group
1. Manisa BBSK 4-1
2. Anadolu Efes 4-0
3. Darüşşafaka 2-3
4. Türk Telekom 1-4
5. Samsunspor 1-4

Group B
1. Bahçeşehir College 4-1
2. Tofaş 4-1
3. Çağdaş Bodrum 2-3
4. Gaziantep Basketball 2-2
5. TED Ankara College Students 0-5

Group C
1. Pınar Karşıyaka 4-1
2. Bursaspor 4-1
3. Ege Assist 2-3
4. Beşiktaş 2-2
5. Onvo Büyükçekmece 0-5

Group D
1. Galatasaray 4-1
2. Aliaga Petkim 3-2
3. Gelişim College 3-1
4. Fenerbahçe Beko 2-3
5. Merkezefendi Youth 0-5

Match Schedule

Friday, December 1
13:00 Tofaş-TED Ankara College Students
14:00 Bahçeşehir College-Gaziantep Basketball
18:00 Pınar Karşıyaka-Bursaspor

Saturday, December 2
14:00 Galatasaray-Merkezefendi Youth
17:00 Manisa Izmir BK-Anadolu Efes
18:00 Darüşşafaka-Türk Telekom
19:00 Aliağa Petkim- Gelişim College

Sunday, December 3
13:00 Onvo Büyükçekmece-Beşiktaş

Prepared by: Kemal Erdem
Mail: [email protected]
Instagram: @kemalerdem54

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