High School Baseball Player in Coma After Batting Cage Freak Accident

A Georgia high school baseball player was seriously injured and in a coma after a freak accident inside the team’s batting cages.

Gainesville High School senior Jeremy Medina, a pitcher and catcher on the school’s baseball team, was accidentally hit in the head with a bat inside the team’s batting cages early Monday afternoon. noon, according to school officials.

School officials said Medina has since been in stable condition, although he remains in a coma at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

“The entire Gainesville community is devastated by the news,” the school said in a heartfelt statement on Facebook.

“His family strongly believes in Jesus Christ and His redeeming love, and asks for prayer during this extremely difficult time,” the message continues.

Details about exactly how Medina was hit in the head by the bat have not been shared by the baseball team or school district.

Jeremy Medina was accidentally hit in the head by a baseball bat while in a batting cage on campus Monday. Gainesville City School System

The community of Gainsville, located approximately 54 miles from Atlanta, along with other area high school teams joined in their support of Medina following this tragic incident.

“The baseball community is tight-knit and we send all our love and prayers to the players, coaches and family of Gainesville Baseball,” Chestatee High School wrote on Facebook.

Medina alternated between pitcher and catcher for Gainesville High School during the 2022 season, although it is unclear if the senior had any college offers.

The devastating news comes just weeks after a college athlete was also placed in a coma for nearly three weeks before passing away.

Cain Lee, 14, an eighth-grade student at Lutheran South Academy, died after suffering a head injury during a football game.

Lee was given only about a half hour to live after being injured during a Southwest Football League game, according to a Facebook post by Lee’s relatives.

The 14-year-old multiathlete, who competed in baseball, basketball and track and field, was described as “a selfless kid who cared more about other people and how they performed than how they performed,” his coach said Darrin Forse.

“This enormous loss is heartbreaking; however, we know he is in heaven and we have been blessed by the time he has spent with us,” said Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham. “I would like to sincerely thank you for all your kind prayers.”

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