Gregg Popovich’s Stand Against Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Only a basketball guru like Gregg Popovich could afford it, interrupting an NBA match to thrash his fans for behavior he deemed unsportsmanlike, and the San Antonio Spurs coach didn’t think for a moment about taking action, taking a microphone to say these words: “Excuse me for a second: can we stop booing and let these guys play? Have some class. We’re not like that, stop it.” The reason for his anger was the boos and boos directed by the home fans at the former player, Kawhi Leonard, while he made free throws for his Los Angeles Clippers. Popovich ‘forced’ Leonard to interrupt the series of shots, but his improvised intervention must have pleased him, even if in truth the rude fans only silenced themselves for a while, and then began to snipe the traitor again. Leonard began his career with San Antonio and in 2014 he was among the protagonists in winning the NBA title. In 2018, however, a stormy divorce arrived which he still has not been forgiven for. “Anyone who knows anything about sports knows not to poke the bear,” Popovich said after the game, as if to explain himself, and indeed he was right, as Leonard scored 26 points and the Clippers won 109-102, inflicting Texans tenth consecutive defeat.

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2023-11-23 17:46:03
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