Germany U17s Face Spain in World Cup Quarter-Finals

Germany’s U17 European champions are fighting for the World Cup in Indonesia. But to do that, the DFB juniors have to get past Spain.

Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela, USA. Germany’s U17 beat these four teams on the way to the World Cup quarter-finals. Now the DFB selection faces its toughest opponent yet. Spain is waiting for the German team in Jakarta.

Germany 0-0 Spain

34th minute – Germany gets a corner, but it remains without danger. But national coach Christian Wück will be fine as long as the Spanish attack is interrupted for a few minutes.

32nd minute – Things are just a little quieter now, the ball is in midfield.

29th minute – David Odogu fouls his opponent just before the penalty area. But Spain’s free kick by Huestamendia is blocked. It remains 0-0.

28th minute – Yalcinkaya from HSV comes from the right, but his cross is caught well by goalkeeper Jiménez Latorre.

25th minute – It actually only goes in one direction. Spain looks completely superior, Germany is just defending. The DFB defense urgently needs relief.

21. Minute – What a rescue act from Eric da Silva Moreira! Spain’s Marc Guiu comes to the ball in the penalty area and only has a few meters to the goal. But da Silva Moreira blocked the ball at the last moment and kept the DFB team in the game. Very strong from the talent of FC St. Pauli.

18th minute – Things can’t go any further for Herrmann. Bitter for the DFB team. Bilal Yalcinkaya from Hamburger SV comes in for him.

16th minute – Worry about Charles Herrmann! The BVB winger suddenly sits on the ground and grabs his thigh. There is a threat of a substitution that would hurt. Because Herrmann is one of the best German players in the tournament so far.

14th minute – As expected, the Spaniards appear dominant, while Germany is superior in the duels due to their physicality.

11th minute – Now Germany also has a good first result! Noah Darvich sets up Paris Brunner, who moves from the left towards the penalty area and finishes, but the ball misses the goal.

10th minute – Unrest in the German penalty area! Juan Hernandez does a good job and puts the DFB team under pressure, who are just able to clear the ball.

8th minute – Germany was lucky there. Spain gets the ball in the ten-man area, while the German six-man team is far too far away. Guiu puts the ball into the penalty area on the right, but his teammate’s cross misses completely.

7th minute – Germany also comes to attacks here, but so far without much danger.

6th minute – Now the German defense had to be careful. Marc Guiu gets the ball near the penalty area, but Max Hennig intervenes. The ball lands at Huestamendia, but his attempt remains without danger. Germany clarifies.

4th minute – Brunner comes down the left side, but the ball misses him when he crosses, so Spain has possession of the ball.

3rd minute – The pitch is not easy to play on, which could be a benefit for the Germans today, as the Spaniards’ pass-heavy game could suffer as a result.

2nd minute – Apparently Kabar plays at left back, while Hennig plays in defensive midfield next to Harchaoui.

1st minute – Let’s get started in Jakarta!

9:28 a.m. – Six players in Spain’s starting eleven come from the FC Barcelona talent factory. Germany expects a team with strong passes and a well-trained team. Germany’s advantages lie primarily in their physicality and the DBF team can also keep up in terms of speed.

9:25 a.m. – The teams are here, now the anthems are played.

9:18 a.m. – It will be exciting to see where Almugera Kabar plays today. Actually, Borussia mostly played at left back, but with Maximilian Hennig in the starting line-up, Kabar could also play in defensive midfield alongside Harchaoui or Hennig could move one line further forward.

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