German gymnast Mia Sophie Lietke dies at 16

The German gymnast Mia Sophie Lietke passed away last Thursday at the age of 16 in a “very sudden and unexpected” manner, according to the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) in a statement issued this Tuesday.

“The young gymnast of the national team died very suddenly and unexpectedly on last Thursday, November 16, 2023 in Fellbach-Schmiden at only 16 years old,” the entity announced in a statement without giving further details.

A news for which they showed “dismay” within the national team. “Not only rhythmic gymnastics, but the entire gymnastics family in Germany is mourning the loss of Mia Sophie Lietke,” they lamented. “Our deepest condolences to Mia’s family in these difficult hours, we wish them all the strength in the world to be able to face this sad event,” added the emotional statement from the DTB.

Mia Lietke gave the jump in July 2023 to the German absolute team rhythmic gymnastics. In 2022, she was proclaimed German youth champion in ball and runner-up in the ‘All-Around’, achievements for which she was chosen as Berlin’s young athlete of the month.

Additionally, she was a training partner of 17-year-old six-time world champion Darja Varfolomeev. “You will always be in our hearts as a very great person,” the ‘queen’ of the 2023 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup held in Valencia wrote on Instagram, winning gold in ball, hoop, clubs and ribbon.

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