Franz Wagner on Track for Mega NBA Contract: Could Exceed Dirk Nowitzki’s Career Earnings

This season Franz Wagner (22) is playing for big money! With every basket for the Orlando Magic, the basketball world champion becomes more valuable. Because from July the winger can sign a new mega contract in the NBA. This could earn him as much money over five years as legend Dirk Nowitzki (45) earned in his entire career!

Wagner is currently averaging 18.5 points per game, and the Magic are on course for the playoffs with eight wins and five defeats. The Berliner is in his third NBA season and currently earns 5.15 million euros. After the coming season, in which he collects 6.55 million, his contract for a total of 21.3 million expires.

But Orlando is very interested in offering Wagner an extension from 2025/26. If he plays hard enough, even the maximum salary is possible. This is a complex calculation.

The new deal usually runs for four years, or even five for particularly strong professionals. Each club can choose two players who will receive longer contracts. For Orlando, these are most likely Wagner and Paolo Banchero (21). “It’s a great time for Magic fans with Paolo, Franz and many young players,” says Magic manager Anthony Parker (48).

The remuneration in these contracts depends on the salary cap: 25 percent of the cap is usually the maximum amount.

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Wagner could sign his extension at exactly the right time, as the NBA’s current TV contract ends in 2024/25. For the next rights period from 2025/26, the league expects an explosion in revenue: from 22.5 billion (over nine years, 2.5 billion per season) to 70.2 billion euros for the period of probably eleven years (6, 38 billion on average).

This has a direct impact on the salary cap, as NBA clubs share their income with players roughly 50:50. The salary cap would therefore increase significantly. In 2023/24 it will be 124.4 million euros. In 2025/26, experts expect around 159 million euros!

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A quarter of this would then be Wagner’s possible starting salary in the new contract: 39.75 million euros. In the following years it would then increase by eight percent of this sum – i.e. 3.18 million more per year. This results in annual salaries of 42.93 million, 46.11 million, 49.29 million and 52.47 million. In total it would be 230.55 million euros!

For comparison: Nowitzki earned around 230 million euros in his entire 21-year NBA career. His highest salary was 23.4 million euros in 2016/17.

A curiosity: When Wagner signs his extension, he doesn’t yet know exactly how much he will earn. The amount of the salary cap on which his salary is based will not be determined until summer 2025. If Wagner were to make it onto an All-NBA team of the best 15 players in a season, an even higher starting salary of 26 to 28 percent of the salary cap would be possible.

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So the world champion has it in his hands how big the payday will be. However, Wagner could also sign for a lower sum if he wants to give Orlando more room under the salary cap so that the team can bring in more expensive players.

Nowitzki did this several times in his career and finally became NBA champion in 2011 – as the only German to date.

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