Fortaleza’s Revenge: Bogota Team Achieves Promotion, Leaving Villavicencio Without Options

The Bogota team achieved promotion through reclassification and left those from Villavicencio without an option.

Fortaleza did what it could, but failed to win the annual grand final of the BetPlay 2023 Tournament and despite winning 1-0, Patriotas ended up winning 3-2, achieving direct promotion to Liga 2024.

After this result, Fortaleza ended up achieving promotion through reclassification and left Llaneros waiting, because if the Bogota team were champions of this final, they would open that option to those from Villavicencio.

Fans reacted on social networks and many celebrated Fortaleza’s promotion due to reclassification, since for many it was revenge towards the llanero team for having left them without the possibility of promotion in 2021, by losing against UniĆ³n Magdalena with a lot of controversy in the last minute.

2023-11-29 02:55:26
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