Fortaleza CEIF Secures Guaranteed Promotion to BetPlay 2024 League After Championship Win

Although they must play the grand final, they already have a guaranteed place for promotion to the BetPlay 2024 League.

Fortaleza CEIF, from Bogotá, is the champion of the BetPlay Clausura 2023 Tournament and achieved promotion to the BetPlay 2024 League, after beating Cúcuta Deportivo 2-0, this Friday at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium.

The ‘Amix’, recognized for their training work and their virality on social networks, came back in the key, as they lost 1-0 in Cúcuta, in the first leg final; but this Friday they won 2-0 and secured the first place in the First Division.

Jhonier Blanco and Santiago Cuero were responsible for scoring the goals of the victory and promotion of Fortaleza CEIF.

Although they still have to play the grand final against Patriotas Boyacá, Fortaleza CEIF is already promoted for also being the best team in the annual reclassification table.

For its part, Cúcuta was left empty-handed and no longer has the option to fight for promotion in the 2023 season.

2023-11-18 02:29:13
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