Fluminense wins the Copa Libertadores against Boca and gives Marcelo another champion crown

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The Brazilians win the first continental title in their history. They went ahead with a goal from Germán Cano, Advncula tied in the second and the young Kennedy resolved in overtime.

Marcelo prays in a moment of the Libertadores final.A. BRUMAP

I don’t mind Fluminense history because he had it on his side. Brazilian teams have an affair with Libertadores Cupwhich have always caught since 2019. The tears of Marcelo They said that he is a talisman, that he grabs the continental titles he has at hand, and he already has six to sit next to Café, Ronaldinho or Neymar at the table of champions on both sides of the Atlantic. The forty Felipe Melo, with two on the list, wanted this third Libertadores to make history. It was difficult for the Flu to be crowned champions, but they fought for it, suffered for it and won it against a Boca team that had too many moments of disconnection.

The Argentines were looking for their seventh continental title that has been denied to the Albiceleste clubs since 2018, when their eternal rival, River, took it from them at the Bernabu. I had remembered it Cavani before jumping into a Maracan decorated by two hobbies that made him vibrate. From now on, serious. 90 more minutes, guys, recalled the Uruguayan who, despite being a veteran, had never played in the Libertadores nor won the Champions League. He didn’t have his night.

It was difficult for them to get hooked on a final that the Brazilians handled with impudence at the beginning and that they sought when it got complicated. They were seen with it in her pocket when in the 36th minute Germn Canothe Libertadores scorer, hooked a right hand that beat the Tiny Romero. It was his 13th goal in twelve games.

The Argentines reached the final clinging to their goalkeeper and did not lose faith. If since the round of 16 they had passed the rounds in the penalty shootout, why would it be different in a final. It was a scenario for which the Xeneize fans had prepared, since Benjamn Agerowho presented his grandfather, Diego Maradona, on his shirt to the tennis players Del Potro y Diego Schwartzman. Not so much Juan Román Riquelmethe now vice president of Boca, who as a player led the team to win its last title in 2007. Another with experience was the coach, Jorge Almirnwho has shaken off the two disasters in Elche with a final that, as Lans coach, he lost against Gremio in 2017.

With River’s parenthesis, since then, the absolute dominance of the competition had been Brazilian. Flamengo y Palm trees The titles have been distributed since 2019, but finalists along with them were also Santos and Paranaense. The Flu fan had only enjoyed one final: in 2008 and they lost it to Liga de Quito.

Kennedy and coach Diniz celebrate the victory.AFP

Those ghosts reappeared when Boca grew in the second half and, in the 55th minute, the Peruvian’s poisoned left-footed shot Advance put the tie. Boca had an opportunity and was not going to waste it. Almirn refreshed and Fernando Diniz was taken off the field due to an injury to Felipe Melo at 43 years old, but also Marcelo was already Goose. André continued to carry the weight, showing why Liverpool tempts him. Professor Diniz detected that his warriors needed legs for an extension that he could avoid Barbosa if he had not crossed Romero excessively.

Tricolor goal and two expulsions

In the madness of overtime the young man had to fix it Kennedy in 99. In his celebration with the stands he saw the second yellow card and left the team with ten while Boca claimed a positional offside. It was not the only thing they claimed against Colombian referee Wilmar Roldán. They also called for a penalty for handball in the second half of overtime. The xeneize became so unhinged in the protests that factory He saw a direct red card for the slap that the VAR caught. The forces were equal and the Brazilian Spring The ball that was already marking the third goal hit the post. Boca grabbed the pike with balls into the area looking for an error that did not come.

The celebration of the final was not marred by the ultras at the beginning, but there were incidents at the entrance to Maracan. The radical Boca fans had a confrontation with the police, who contained them with tear gas until they calmed them down. On the subway lines leading to the stadium, which filled up hours before the start of the match, some altercations were also recorded, without the violence of the previous days due to the reinforcement of security.

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