Fijlkam and Dilemma’s Campaign Against Violence: Educating and Empowering Youth

The Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation, Fijlkamlaunched on November 25, 2023 a new campaign against violence against women signed by the communications agency Dilemma.

For the planning of the campaign, dissemination on the social profiles of Fijkam and its members and in-person communication in all the Federation’s gyms was envisaged.

Fijlkam and Dilemma for the Day against Violence against Women 2023

On the occasion of Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2023Fijlkam launched a awareness campaign to send a message to all educators and parents, in line – as stated in the press note released on November 28th – with the mission of communicating «l’importance of prevention through theeducation to respect from a young age».

Il claim of this campaign is, in fact, «violence is fought from childhood» and it is done, as the Federation states with this campaign, also through education.

Fijlkam’s intent is to help its members, through the teaching of karate and martial arts, to grow as people and not just as athletes.

It can also be read in the caption of a post shared on the Federation’s social profiles on November 25, 2023.

Screenshot from Instagram Page Fijlkam

The educational activity promoted with the Fijlkam 2023 campaign

Precisely in consideration of the important role given to education by the Italian Judo Wrestling Karate and Martial Arts Federation, this campaign does not stop only at communication activities: to also offer a more concrete contribution, Fijlkam has decided to guarantee all girls and boys under ten years a free trial period in affiliated gyms.

As he stated Massimiliano Benuccigeneral secretary of Fijlkam:

«communicating on a sadly current issue such as violence against women is not easy, because the risk is that of exploit it situation.

This is why we wanted to make a significant contribution by inviting our affiliated gyms to welcome children for help them grow more respectful and more awaresure of the values ​​of respect and self-control that are in the DNA of every Fijlkam discipline.”

With this initiative, therefore, the Federation wants to demonstrate a real commitment in the fight against violence against women and not to exploit the Day of 25 November only for a mere marketing initiative without concrete activities during the other days of the year, which – highlighted, in particular, the Mama Chat campaign for November 25, 2023 – sometimes seen by several brands.

Credits 2023 Fijlkam campaign against violence against women Agency: Dilemma Creative direction: Alberto Pascazio / Matteo Sozzi Client manager: Chiara Anglese Copywriter & art director: Dilemma Creative Department

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