EURO | It is none of our business, there will be capable players against us anyway, Moldovans react to the Czech affair

The elimination of Czech defenders Vladimír Coufal and Jakub Brabec and striker Jan Kuchta is not taken as an advantage by the opponent. “This question is not about football. It’s up to them how they deal with it. They have enough capable players to replace them,” Moldovan coach Serghei Clescenco had no doubts.

How would he react if three players from the squad went to a disco two days before a key match? “Actually, I don’t even know how exactly I would behave. But my reaction would definitely be negative. Every gesture, every thought, absolutely everything matters. This whole situation is exceptional, but not in a good way. I believe that our players are aware of the seriousness of the situation and will eventually celebrate later,” assured the fifty-one-year-old strategist.

Sinners Coufal, Brabec and Kuchta apologized to the team. They made a mistake, we are all sorry, responds captain Tomáš SoučekVideo: FAČR

Moldova also found itself in an exceptional situation in its own way. If the Czech team wins in Olomouc, they will jump to second place in the group behind Albania, and thus enter the European championship in Germany. “In the beginning, we didn’t think about what would happen at the end. We focus on every next game,” said Clescenco, who cannot predict what would happen if the country wins. “It would probably be big. It would be a historic moment, a first step,” he reflected.

He assured that he and his team will go for victory. He can also be inspired by the first mutual fight, which ended in a draw. “It was a good result for us. We know that we have a strong opponent, but we want to win. It will be a difficult, but also interesting match,” said the strategist, who mentioned that he has several friends in Olomouc. “They will come to the game. I am very happy to be in the Czech Republic. It is a very beautiful country with an interesting history,” said Clescenco appreciatively. He would like to go down in history at the Androv Stadium in Olomouc.

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