Emin Mavric Discusses His Impression of Playing for Viola Basketball

The “long” ductile of Purple basketball, Emin Mavric he made the point. The Sarajevo winger was a guest on Momenti Neroarancio, a format broadcast on the club’s official TV, Videotouring.

Here are his impressions:

“We want to continue to amaze. With the arrival of Giovanni Cessel, we can be different, we are bigger and more complete. We can do really, really well in different dimensions. I’m enjoying playing with Viola Basketball a lot, I hope it continues like this. I’m really enjoying myself. Super experience from all points of view, I hope I can continue like this.”

Play for this shirt?

“It’s a mix of good sensations. We who play and win. The people who come to applaud us and have fun. The children who see us play want to emulate us and at the end of the match they come joyfully to greet us: everything is beautiful, it seems like a wonderful dream. We are very satisfied with the path taken. We don’t look back, thinking about the remorse of those absent in the matches against Orlandina and Virtus Ragusa. We only think about the next opponent, Basket School Messina. To stay in the top areas of the rankings we always have to go hard, Coach Cigarini is right in prodding us.”

My role on the roster and its evolution?

“We older ones are only twenty-five years old and we have a lot of trust in the young people on the roster: respectful kids who train hard with great motivation.”

Newcomer Cessell?

“He’s a pure centre. In the first training sessions I saw a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He can do well.”


“Very difficult match. There, both Orlandina and Siaz Piazza Armerina, our next home opponent, lost. They have great technical guidance. We have to be very careful. I hope to be able to count on a large black and orange crowd away as happened with Fortitudo Messina.”

The championship?

“More than competitive. Very short ranking. We cannot have lapses in concentration.”

Where can I improve?

“The coach gives me a lot of opportunity to play as a modern athlete. I often have the ball in my hands, I can read the defenses and why not, create various situations.

I was born as a winger, it was my role in my youth and, I must say, I feel great with this way of playing.
With such a young team, seeing the many “extra passes” materialize and the beautiful, modern basketball with all these role changes is astonishing.”

2023-11-25 11:10:38
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