Emilia-Romagna Athletes Shine at Judo World Championships in Abu Dhabi

Over 36 Judo World Championships in Abu Dhabi. Four athletes from Emilia-Romagna: Leonardo Rocca (Judo Imola), Mihai Ciocan and Vitalie Ursu (Dojo Equipe) and Ilenia Paoletti (Budokan Institute). While Leonardo Rocca and Mihai Ciocan fail to fight for the podium, both Ilenia Paoletti and Vitalie Ursu reach the final blocks, fighting for the medals. Vitalie beats Didar Zubareinov, Ivan Dietrich and Nedi Mbassa and is stopped by Masquadsho Berdiev and Osman Hanci. Ilenia surpasses the Indian Rekha Katre and is defeated by Delphine Roland and Klara Veszi. This gives us two fifths of depth.

2023-11-15 05:07:39
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