Ducati recognizes that it did not want Marc Márquez in its structure

He World motorcycle racing reaches the end, the final, this weekend in the Ricardo Tormo layoutof Cheste (Valencia). Already proclaimed world champions Jaume Masià (Honda, Moto3) y Pedro Acosta (Kalex, Moto2)it remains to be known if Pecco’ Bagnaia (Ducati) will renew the world title MotoGP or will the Madrid native end up taking it from him? Jorge Martin (Ducati), whose recovery was stopped last Sunday by a defective Michelin tire. Bagnaia arrives in Cheste with a 21-point advantage over Martín, with only 37 points left at stake.

Sensing that Bagnaia will end up renewing his title against ‘Martinator’ with the same difficulty and fight that won his first title, in 2022, recovering a lot of points from French Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha)the attention of the 1,100 inhabitants of the paddock is focused, especially, on the first contact of Marc Márquezeight-time motorcycling world championnext Tuesday, in the first test of 2024 in the top category, when it climbs, for the first time, to the invincible Ducati ‘Desmosedici’.

(Almost) total rejection

The circumstance occurs that today we have been able to learn, in a forceful and almost unexpected way, that Ducati, through Gigi Dall’Igna, chief engineer and great guru of the Borgo Panigale firm, did not want (nor needed, it is assumed) Márquez in his structure. In statements to the prestigious Italian newspaper ‘the Republic’in an interview signed by Massimo Calandri, Dall’Igna says: “Ducati did not want Marc (Márquez), but the Gresini team has had the opportunity to sign him and has not hesitated to do so.”

From there, logically, Dall’Igna feels very proud and satisfied that the best driver in the world will drive, next season, one of his ‘Desmosedici’, evidently from 2023, since the Catalan will not be able to count on one of the copies of 2024. “Having an eight-time world champion in a private team means visibility, the possibility of finding sponsors for the team and great sporting satisfaction for a team that puts so much passion into its mission.”

“I think we will know how to handle this very complicated situation, since we have reached the end of the World Championship with two of our drivers fighting for the world title”

Gigi Dall’Igna – Ducati Corse Team Chief Engineer

The creator of the invincible ‘Desmosedici’ states, without biting his tongue and showing, without a doubt, his concern for having so many champions in his structure (Bagnaia, Martín, Enea Bastianini, Marco Bezzecchi….): “We will have to be ‘brave’ and manage a somewhat complicated situation, but we are used to this type of situation, since we have arrived in Valencia with two of our drivers vying for the world title.”

Asked if he is worried that the eldest Márquez, who has only signed for one year (2024) with the Gresini Ducati team, could take the secrets of the Italian firm to another team and factory, Dall’Igna seemed very calm: ” I’m not worried at all, because, for example, Johann (Zarco, team driver First Pramac) is now going to Honda and I don’t think it’s dangerous. “I would be much more worried if one of our engineers left, because they do know a good part of our secrets.”

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