Dr. Christian Werner Takes On Sports Boss Role for TSV 1860 Munich

A doctor for the staggering lions.

According to BILD information it is now fixed! Finally! TSV 1860 Munich has a sports boss!

The third division team was without a sporting leadership for 174 days, now they have to rely on Dr. Christian Werner (42/2018-2019 sports boss at Austria Lustenau) agreed. At least the eV site. The candidate for the position of sports director was rejected three times by finance director Marc-Nicolai Pfeifer (42). Now, according to BILD information, Werner will even become sports director and is expected to sign until 2025.

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However, there is still no consent from co-partner Hasan Ismaik (45). If this does not happen, Werner will be used according to the 50+1 rule. It would be the second time in a few days that the Lions have used the rule. The non-extension of Pfeifer (contract ends in June 2024) was carried out without Ismaik’s consent.

This is the first professional job in Germany for the sports scientist with a doctorate. To do this, the ex-chief scout at Waldhof Mannheim will give up his job as a high school teacher (sports/English).

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Clever? Definitely brave! Because Werner has a lot of work waiting for him. The Lions with coach Maurizio Jacobacci (60) are getting further and further into the relegation battle and 18 contracts are expiring.

It’s questionable whether Werner can even add more in the winter. But what we hear from the industry is that Werner has an eye for young talent and can work with little resources.

The new managing director now has to prove that…

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Source: BILD / CULionsWBB via KameraOne November 29, 2023

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