DNCG Announces Payroll Framework for Marseille Club in Revised Budget

In its press release on Wednesday, the DNCG announced a framework for OM’s payroll “in the revised budget presented by the club”, without giving further details. In 2021, the Marseille club had already experienced such supervision but that did not prevent it from recruiting during the following transfer window.

The Marseille management has published a press release immediately: “Olympique de Marseille takes note of the decision rendered by the DNCG. Hearing today, the OM management presented a budget that complies with the strictest management rules and which is part of the financial sustainability of the club advocated by the Chairman of the Board, Pablo Longoria.

The financial regulator appreciated this presentation and unreservedly validated the club’s forecasts, thus allowing the management team to calmly continue the transformation of the club while respecting the budgetary framework. »

2023-11-29 20:49:07
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