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Although there are those who consider that the construction of the Mayan Train caused the capital gains of real estate to rise by up to 400 percent in Mérida and various areas of the coast, the truth is that there are other factors that have caused, for years, the increase in the prices of houses and land.

According to a study by the housing platform, Mérida’s economy is booming, security is well rated and the low cost of housing that existed until a few years ago, became factors for dozens of families to emigrate to Yucatan.

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The INE has a record of more than 200 thousand people over 18 years of age who have arrived at the entity from other latitudes.

The imminent migration to Yucatán from other cities, the arrival of strong commercial firms have raised the capital gains of that sector stratospherically, says Isabel Young, a real estate project consultant.

Given this, the specialist says, we see a Mérida that has grown vertically.

Before, a square meter of land was very economical, now, in the north of the city for example, they can be purchased for up to 13 thousand pesos per meter. Isabel Young, real estate project consultant

For this reason, Mérida and part of the coast are growing vertically.

Regarding the purchase of land surrounding the Mayan Train station in Teya, especially to build industrial warehouses which are the most lacking in Yucatán, the square meter of land ranges between 2,000 and 2,500 pesos.

“However, in that area not much land on the main road is being marketed, and there is not much for sale. What is growing is the so-called “Diamante” zone, which is located in Kanasín, a suburban municipality of Mérida where the construction of the Heineken brewery is being prepared, a glass factory that will make the bottles and a cartonera”, explains the real estate specialist.

What is needed, he insists, is the construction of industrial warehouses, equipped and with all the infrastructure to offer a good service to the large commercial firms that come to Yucatan.

On the other hand, according to housing data, the real estate boom has boosted the economic dynamism of the entity by seeing an increasing average of eight thousand new houses sold per year, which has boosted the economic dynamism of Yucatán with estimated benefits. for 2023 of 9,300 million pesos.

This figure constitutes an increase of 3 billion more than in 2019, according to data from the CMIC.


In the last five years, the development of Yucatán has been exponential, especially by receiving more national and foreign investments and for this, security has been a fundamental factor that cannot be disrupted by the high movement of people that the Mayan Train will transport. from Palenque to Yucatán.

Businessmen such as Raúl Monforte, president of the CMIC in Yucatán, considers that with the Mayan train in motion there is always the risk that migration to Yucatán will increase, although he sees it as a distant possibility. “I don’t see it so clearly, I think there is adequate surveillance in the State, I don’t think that is a factor that facilitates it and furthermore, at least due to the characteristics of this train, it would be difficult for that to happen.”

To avoid any type of crime around the train, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, has announced preventive measures.

The modern transportation system that will cross five southern states of the country will be monitored by 3,200 members of the National Guard, drones and five Air Force aircraft.

The head of Sedena explained that five aircraft and drones from the Mexican Air Force will be activated whose mission is to exclusively ensure the safety of the train.

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The Mayan Train is a million-dollar project that is betting on the future of the Mexican Southeast, a project that has raised concerns and controversies, a project in which the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, hopes to be a watershed in increasing the economy not only of the businessmen, but also that of Doña Juanita, María Rosa, Don Graciliano or Doña Tere, and of all those who have hope.


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