Daniel Theis: From Disappointment with the Indiana Pacers to a Fresh Start with the Los Angeles Clippers

Basketball world champion Daniel Theis was deeply affected by being ignored by the Indiana Pacers after his strong performances for Germany.

“I have a lot of expectations after the summer,” said the 31-year-old NBA professional to the “German Press Agency”. He was promised an open fight for the backup position as center. “And in the end it wasn’t like that.”

Coach Rick Carlisle only sent Theis onto the field once for a few minutes and otherwise completely omitted the veteran. That was “extremely hard,” “they could have communicated more openly with me about it in the summer,” reported Theis after his move to the Los Angeles Clippers. However, when saying goodbye, Indiana behaved “very fairly” with the compensation for the termination of the contract.

In his first week in Los Angeles, the man from Lower Saxony won four of five games and helped stop the Clippers’ losing streak of six games without a win. “For me it’s important now that I can show that I can still play at NBA level and can help my teams win in games,” said Theis. “You can see that quite well right now.” He wants to play in the NBA for a few more years.

Theis rates the Clippers’ chances of having a good season around stars Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, James Harden and Russell Westbrook as high. “Since I’ve been here, I think we’ve only given up more than 100 points against New Orleans. I think that gets overlooked a little bit. That’s how you win games. And offensively, that’s where you find the rhythm. When we get into the flow come, the game will be played even faster.”

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