Daniel Noboa assumes the presidency of Ecuador; His first measure will be to declare a state of exception-El Sol de México

The elected president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, who will take office on Thursday, confirmed that his administration will begin with the declaration of a state of emergency. This is in order to accelerate two tax and energy reform projects that seek to address the employment and electricity problems that he will inherit from the outgoing president, the conservative Guillermo Lasso.

Noboa assured that he will propose these two legal reforms immediately, protected by a state of emergency decree that he plans to issue when he takes office. “The first thing is a state of exception,” then it will take 72 hours to be processed. “Two urgent economic bills are coming” on tax and energy matters, he stressed.

Furthermore, the future president explained that, within the framework of the state of emergency, he can send “two projects at the same time” to the National Assembly (Parliament) for urgent processing. He clarified that it will be a tax reform to generate youth employment, “there being a very high employment and underemployment rate” in the country, he added.

“an energy reform so that we do not return to the situation we are in now,” with scheduled blackouts in almost the entire country due to the lack of generation in some hydroelectric plants, he added.

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On the other hand, Noboa anticipated that on Sunday he will present all the ministers who will be part of his cabinet, a situation that generates expectations since it will be known who will occupy the security portfolios to address a serious crisis of criminal violence, attributed to crime mafias. organized and drug trafficking.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the president-elect will complete Lasso’s term (2021-2025), a period that the same president shortened by applying an unprecedented constitutional mechanism with which he was able to dissolve the Legislature, just when the chamber, with an opposition majority, was discussing his possible dismissal in a political trial where he was accused of alleged corruption.

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