Controversy Erupts: Tyreek Hill’s Touchdown Celebration Leads to Suspension of NFL Content Creator

Tyreek Hill made a spectacle of himself during the clash between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers on October 15, celebrating a touchdown by performing a somersault with a league employee’s phone on the side lines.

However, Hill was penalized in the sequence, but things did not stop there. Indeed, the NFL suspended for the remainder of the season Kevin Fitzgibbons, a content creator, who had been hired by the league to cover Dolphins home games since 2022.

Hill had stolen Fitzgibbons’ phone while making his jump. The latter, who has been working with the former Kansas City Chiefs for several years, then started jumping on the edges of the field. In a video published on the social network X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday, the 20-year-old man assured that he did not know that the receiver was going to take his phone. However, it was his reaction after this that led to his withdrawal of his accreditation from the NFL.

Fitzgibbons also said he understood the football circuit’s decision, and hopes to continue his career with the NFL or elsewhere.

In the case of the 29-year-old athlete, he explained on X that he would have liked to comment on the matter but that he would not do so since he risked a fine.

2023-11-29 21:45:48
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