City of Huelva Looks to Extend Winning Streak in LEB Plata

City of Huelva Looks to Extend Winning Streak in LEB Plata

Ciudad de Huelva hopes to win its sixth game in the LEB Plata in the ‘exile’ of Andrés Estrada. / Photo: CD Huelva La Luz.

S. D. ‘Let the party continue for the City of Huelva Gestia’. It is the challenge/desire of the Huelva team for its commitment of the sixth day of the West group of the LEB Plata against Bueno Arenas Albacete Basketwhich on this occasion will take place in the pavilion Andres Estradasince the usual field of the Huelva team this season, the ‘Carolina Marín’ Sports Palace is occupied for him Top Master Sub 15 and Sub 19 badminton.

To this shock the painting by Íñigo Núñez arrives with morale through the roof after signing a full of 5 victories in 5 games at its premiere in LEB Plata, a state of mind reinforced by the hard-fought victory obtained on Wednesday in Algeciras.

The main doubt that Ciudad de Huelva presents for this match It is that of Fran Cárdenas, that after the blow he received on the hip in last Saturday’s duel against CB Morón, he could not play the week’s match against UDEA.

Repeat that choral game based on your defense It is the weapon that the Ciudad de Huelva Gestia wants to wield in this clash with the La Mancha team, without at all disdaining individual contributions of players like Ander Urdiain -key in the victory against CB Morón-, or José David Gómez or Alfonso Ortizalthough especially by Soulemane Chabi Yosupport of the Huelva team in Algeciras where it ended 41 rating points, MVP of the day.

In front of the Huelva team will be Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket, 5th in the table with 3 wins and 2 losseswhich has the loss of an important player like Antonio Burgos, and who so far has been solid in his outings, since He has won both games as a visitor, in Almansa and in Algeciras.

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