Borussia conquers San Siro: it ends 1-3 with Milan. Giroud misses two penalties

It was an inside-out game. And Milan’s European sliding door closed on the wrong side. In those initial ten minutes, and that double penalty wrong by Giroud, scored by Reus, which could have changed the history of the match. But also in many others, small and large, and episodes always turned against. However, too many for it to be a coincidence. Milan loses 3-1 at home against Borussia Dortmund, probably saying goodbye to the Champions League and perhaps even Europe. With one matchday to go they are last in the group.

The Rossoneri were betrayed above all by themselves. From his most charismatic and representative men, Giroud who missed the penalty and Maignan who has the third goal (and partly the second) on his conscience. From the desire to win a decisive match at all costs, I agree, but in the end even a draw wouldn’t have been so bad, if only to leave a window open and play everything at the last minute against Newcastle. And then by the absence of Leao, too heavy on an evening like this not to pay for it. The match was also fun, spectacular, many opportunities and reversals on both sides. But, as willing as she was, she was also very modest in her Rossoneri content: frayed departments, low and intermittent pace, sterile ball possession, major errors in defense. Very little for the Europe that matters.

The only regret is perhaps precisely in that brilliant beginning which immediately leads to the rigor that could have written another story: the hand of Schlotterbeck on Chukwueze, Giroud shoots badly from the spot. Calabria does even worse immediately afterwards, naively mowing down Bynoe-Gittens in the area. It’s still a penalty and this time Reus is perfect. Milan had started very strong and found themselves at a disadvantage. Backlash is inevitable. The Rossoneri exit the match, then try to get back in, without much conviction. The maneuver is cumbersome and leaves a lot of field to defend behind Tomori and his teammates. The impression is that the Germans can sink the blow but it is in the most difficult moment that Milan finds the most unexpected man: Chukwueze, the mysterious object of these first months of the season, already one step away from being branded a waste, shows why the club paid him almost 30 million in the summer, inventing the equalizer out of nothing. Dry dribbling on the short side and left-footed in the corner.

This is the other moment of regret for the Rossoneri, but in reality it doesn’t last long. The positive inertia was interrupted by the interval and then at the beginning of the second half by yet another injury, this time to Thiaw: Krunic central defender is the picture of the emergencyto. And it is no coincidence that shortly after Milan sank: the usual Bynoe-Gittens exploited a series of wrong movements and also a slight uncertainty from Maignan. It is indeed a duck from the goalkeeper, however, that of the 1-3 on the central right by Adeyemi, at the end of the usual action which finds the Rossoneri defense unprepared on the Calabria side.

It is the final boulder, on the match and probably on the hopes of qualification. It doesn’t even turn her head pole back on Jovicbut also Fullkrug smashes the crossbar, for what would have been German poker and an almost humiliating deficit. Mathematics does not condemn Milan, but common sense does: to advance you need to win in Newcastle, and hope that Paris Saint-Germain does not win in Dortmund, against a Borussia team that is already qualified and certain of first place. Already finishing third and saving the Europa League would be a semi-triumph. Assuming that the Rossoneri are interested.

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2023-11-28 22:11:02
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