Boris Becker Coaching Danish Tennis Pro Holger Rune: Expert Patrik Kühnen Weighs In

Tennis icon Boris Becker has been back on the ATP tour since he started coaching the up-and-coming Danish professional Holger Rune. A good constellation, says former tennis player and current expert Patrik Kühnen.

“Holger Rune and Boris Becker – that fits,” writes Kühnen in his column for the TV channel “Sky”: “The Dane has a new super coach in Boris Becker and will start the new season with him. Here’s to the next development steps I’m very excited about Rune under Boris and have a very good feeling about this constellation.”

The 55-year-old recently confirmed to the news service X, formerly Twitter, that he would continue working with the 20-year-old Dane in the coming season. “We are building a team around Holger to get the best out of him – on and off the pitch,” wrote Becker.

The three-time Wimbledon winner returned to the tennis tour as a coach in October. After a week of training together in Monte Carlo, Rune and Becker initially agreed to work together until the end of the year.

Alcaraz still has a lot of work to do

According to Kühnen, great success can result from the collaboration: “Holger Rune brings so much power and wit. If Boris Becker manages to channel the energy of the sometimes somewhat restless 20-year-old into the right channels, then it will work Rune also quickly rises steeply again.”

Rune, together with Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz, is “currently one of Djokovic’s strongest opponents” and “stands with them for the future in men’s tennis.”

For Alcaraz, second in the world rankings, Kühnen still sees a lot of work to do on the way to the tennis throne. “Carlos Alcaraz will continue to have his place at the top of the world’s elite in the future, the Spaniard is simply too good, too extraordinary. But anyone who expected Alcaraz to dominate in 2024 will be disappointed.”

The Spaniard will have to “take even better care of his body in a long season in the future,” said the former tennis professional.

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