Benjamin Mendy sues Manchester City for non-payments after being acquitted of multiple sexual crimes

The French full-back Benjamin Mendy, former Manchester City player, will sue the ‘citizen’ club for alleged non-payments of his salary since he was acquitted last January of six charges of rape and one of sexual assault related to four teenagers and was found not guilty of another case in June.

The 29-year-old former City full-back has reportedly filed a multi-million-dollar claim before the Labor Court against the entity, alleging “unauthorized deductions from wages”as revealed by Nick de Marco KC, the player’s lawyer, to ‘Sky Sports’.

Mendy was declared not guilty on January 13, six counts of rape and one of sexual assault related to four teenagers, after a trial that lasted almost six months at the Chester court (England). In addition, the full-back – currently at French side Lorient – was found innocent in June in a new trial in the court of the British city.

When the investigation and charges came to light in September 2021, Manchester City suspended the player from employment and salary, but Mendy is now demanding his salary since he was sidelined until his contract with the Citizens ended last June. Thus, according to the British media, they will present a lawsuit against the sports entity in the Labor Court.

2023-11-20 18:13:23
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