Badminton Open in Saarbrücken: German Players Face High Hurdles

As of: November 1st, 2023 8:52 a.m

At the Badminton Open in Saarbrücken, Marvin Seidel from 1. BC Bischmisheim is in the second round of the men’s doubles. However, Isabel Lohau and Stine Küspert from Bischmisheim with their partners Linda Efler and Emma Moszczynski were eliminated from the women’s doubles. The finals in all doubles and singles disciplines will take place on Sunday.

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333 entries for five disciplines, 210,000 US dollars in prize money (197,333 euros) – these are the key figures for the coming days of the tournament. The Badminton Open is one of the two top tournaments in Germany.

The French Open – one of the top tournaments in the world – was still running in Paris until Sunday. And traditionally, the professionals from Asia take the opportunity to start in Saarbrücken immediately afterwards.

The route from Paris to Saarbrücken is not far, and the Saarland tournament has a good reputation in the scene because of its special atmosphere in the Saarlandhalle. The event does not take place in a sports arena, but in an event hall – this is unique in the world.

High hurdles for German participants

And right from the start, top German players were challenged. They benefited from the shortest journey. Almost all of them train at the Saarbrücken Olympic base and live in the city.

Was in the men’s doubles the Saarlander and national player Marvin Seidel, as well as Lohau from 1. BC Bischmisheim, asked Marc Lamsfuß on Tuesday afternoon. They went into the game against the two Americans, Vinson Chiu and Joshua Yuan, with a lot of self-confidence and little nervousness.

“If we can deliver our performance in the first game, it should be a solvable task,” said Lamsfuß. “Nevertheless, we will not underestimate the Americans and will do everything we can to reach the second round.” That also succeeded. Seidel and Lamsfuß clearly won the game in two sets with 21:15 each.

Lohau and Küspert eliminated

Immediately afterwards, Isabell Lohau and Linda Efler fought for a place in the next round in the women’s doubles. However, the Bundesliga teams from 1. BC Bischmisheim had a difficult time against the two Taiwanese Sung Shuo Yun and Yu Chien Hui. They lost the first set 17:21. After a close 20:22 in the second set, the tournament for this doubles is already over.

It was also over for Stine Küspert from 1. BC Bischmisheim. She was eliminated in the first round of the women’s doubles with her partner Emma Moszczynski. The two Germans clearly lost in their opening match on Tuesday to Nga Ting Yeung and Pui Lam Yeung from Hong Kong in two sets with 13:21 and 10:21.

Mixed team only required today

The European champions and third place in the 2022 World Cup, Mark Lamsfuß and Isabell Lohauonly have their difficult task ahead of them today in the mixed doubles: They will face the Danish duo Jesper Toft and Clara Graversen in the first round.

“As expected, the tournament is very well attended and there are hardly any easy rounds,” explains Lohau, referring to the encounter. “We’ve played against the Danes once before and lost. That’s why we definitely want to do better at the home tournament.”

Weltelite am Start

Many world-class players will also be playing in the Saarlandhalle. The former world champion and Olympic champion Carolina Marin from Spain has registered. The Danish vice world champions in men’s doubles Kim Astrup and Anders Skarup Rasmussen compete against the Asian competition. And of course she is favored with a view to the finals next Sunday.

Taiwan alone is sending several top stars to Saarland with the reigning men’s doubles Olympic champions Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin, the Hylo Open defending champions Yang Po Han and Lu Chin Yao and the three-time tournament winner Chou Tien Chen.

Test run for EM

They are all fighting for prize money totaling $210,000 – and for important points for Olympic qualification for Paris 2024. Who can be happy about it will decide on Sunday. Then the finals in all doubles and singles disciplines are scheduled.

Next year the European Badminton Championships will take place at the same location. And that’s why the equipment and decorations for the major event are already being tested. The organizers and sponsors are ambitious and want to deliver a business card at a high international level this time.

The SR radio news also reported on this topic on October 31, 2023.

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