Badminton Coach Removed for Sexual Misconduct with Minors

The badminton federation was notified and Nathan was immediately removed. “Someone kindly informed the federation so that I would be suspended,” the man told investigators. The judge asked him if he considered himself a victim. “Yes, I am a victim, of course. Before being judged, I am presumed innocent too. I didn’t see why I was losing my job.” The judge replied that it was a precautionary principle…

Club presidents reacted

The people interviewed and the young girls all described the same methods. Nathan was very interested in the players. He started by complimenting them on their game. He contacted them through social networks. He made comments of a sexual nature. He then complimented them on their physique. He took them to tournaments. He told them that he was falling in love before relaunching them until he managed to convince them to meet him in private, notably at his home. He told young girls that they had to lie and keep their dates a secret. He had to answer for having committed debauchery of minors and touching three young girls aged 13, 14 and 15 years old. “It was simple love affairs,” he said. “I didn’t choose my friends based on their age, but on affinities. There was no problem. I didn’t see the problem at that time.”

The defendant denied some of the facts put against him. “I feel guilty for not having succeeded in putting an end to the facts,” said one complainant. A second girl explained that she met Nathan when she was 15 years old. “The only thing I can blame myself for is falling into his trap. He’s a real manipulator.”

The third young girl, for whom Nathan denied any connection, also wanted to give her version. “I would just ask you to reread the last message he sent me. He asked me to delete the messages because we suspected what was happening. I was 13, he was 25…” The court ordered the decision to be transmitted to the French-speaking Belgian Badminton League.

2023-11-11 13:43:48
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