AS Saint-Etienne Faces Uncertainty with Potential Absences for 2024 African Cup of Nations

AS Saint-Etienne, like other football clubs, will have to deal with a major event this season. The African Cup of Nations (CAN) is back. Several Saint-Etienne residents should be affected and unavailable for several weeks. However, one country is currently going through an institutional crisis which could have a serious impact.

CAN 2024 to come

The African Cup of Nations will return at the start of 2024. It will take place in Ivory Coast from January 13 to February 11, 2024.

Qualified selections will be able to call their players several players before in order to best prepare for the competition. A direct impact for the clubs. Particularly in Ligue 2.

On the drill side, there are four of them potentially absent for the occasion. Ibrahim Sissoko (Mali), Benjamin Bouchouari (Morocco), Dylan Batubinsika (Congo) and Karim Cissé (Guinea).

These players could miss many Saint-Etienne deadlines. More precisely :

ASSE – Laval, January 13, 2024 Pau – ASSE, January 23, 2024 ASSE – Amiens, January 27, 2024 Dunkirk – ASSE, February 3, 2024 ASSE – Troyes, February 10, 2024.

Everything will depend on the paths of the selected Greens selections. If one of them manages to make it to the final, they could also have several days off. This would significantly extend the duration of unavailability.

A green waiting

According to several Guinean sources, Guinea may not participate in the next CAN in Ivory Coast. Indeed, the country’s Federation is going through a major institutional crisis which could have serious consequences.

Several statutory members refused to vote for the election of a new president at the head of the Guinean Federation in order to challenge the candidacy of a candidate.

The quorum was not reached with only 23 voters out of the 61 statutory members. An uncertain situation which could lead the Guinea team to disqualification from CAN 2024!

As a reminder, Karim Cissé is regularly summoned by Kaba Diwara and seems to have a good chance of being in the selected group. Guinea is in group C. The “pool of death” with Senegal, Cameroon and Gambia.

In the meantime, the Guinean federation will have to find a solution quickly in order to avoid the sanctions hanging over their heads. Conor’s mandate will end on November 30, a decision imminent.

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