Aquila Trento’s Victory Over Aris Salonika in EuroCup Resumes European Race

To resume the European race, interrupted by the defeats against Cluj and Buducnost, Aquila Trento takes on Aris Salonika at home.

This is a delicate matchup from a playoff perspective, given that the Greeks, the worst team in the EuroCup in three-point shooting, have the same record as the Bianconeri (3-5).

250 fans arrived from Thessaloniki.

Fourth bedroom
Trento takes advantage of the offensive rebounds (14) and Ellis scores the +12 fade away, then blocks Bochoridis and Conti’s and one arrives. Kastivelis stops the fast with a nice step and shot, Baldwin rewrites +15 with 7′ to go. Guest mini break with De Sousa and triples from Katsivelis and Harrell, interspersed with one from Conti. At 4’11” television timeout at 65-55. Contest reopened with Harrell’s layup and Bochoridis’ free throws at 3’18”, then Harrell again with the half-hook for -4: Galbiati timeout at 2’41”. Forcing and error by Hubb, unlike Harrell who irrepressibly scores -1. Baldwin is providential from the average for +3. Bad loss for the Eagle and at 59″ Bochoridis scores -2 (1/2). The defensive intensity of the Greeks increases, Baldwin misses the ball but Kalogiros forgives with 0/2 at 32″. Ball again to Baldwin, who beats the pressure and serves Grazulis: foul immediately but 0/2 also for the Latvian, who then lands on Harrell and gives him 3 free throws at 4.2″. It’s 2/3 and tied at 67! Last chance for Trento after the timeout. Ellis again! As in Lithuania, the Englishman scores the floater at the siren and Trento wins 69-67 after an incredible finish.

Third fourth
Break Aquila with Biligha (twice) and Baldwin’s triple, De Sousa stops the inertia by supporting the 39-34 at 7’30”. Bochoridis doesn’t find the triple, unlike Grazulis who scores the +8. Timeout for Kastritis The Latvian also finds the first double-digit advantage, scoring one hand from the elbow, while Baldwin punishes from the arc in transition. Trento is already +13 and Aris has another timeout with 5’26” left. Harrell’s saving triple at the 24″ limit, then Katsivelis and Slaftsakis with two points each: in an instant the guests are at -6. Trento resists, steals a ball and flies to sign the +9 with Hubb. Aris still at the end , this time with Carr, but there’s an immediate reply from Hubb, followed by a counterattack closed by Cooke with a dunk. At the 30th minute it’s 53-43.

Second quarter
Cold hands for the Trentino players (2/12 from the arc), while Katsivelis makes space in the area to support the guest’s lead. Grazulis takes care of changing the trend with the bomb from the corner before Cooke forcefully supports the +3. Floater by Forray to make it 24-19 and timeout by Aris at 6’45”. The yellow and blacks immediately shorten the lead: Blumbergs scores and, after a mix-up by Forray which nullifies a block by Cooke, Harrell scores -1 alone. guests with Slaftsakis. Elegant movement by Biligha for the counter-pass, steal by Conti and layup by Baldwin on the counterattack for 30-27 with 2’51” left. Coming out of the timeout Bochoridis equalized from 6.75 and Fillios overtook, but Udom found the corner a few seconds from the end to make it 32-32.

First quarter
Baldwin, Hubb, Niang, Grazulis, Biligha vs Carr, Fillios, Bochoridis, Bankston, Harrell

Galbiati introduces the young former Fortitudo player Saliou Niang into the starting lineup, who misses the first shot from the corner. The evening opens with a two-handed dunk from Bankston and in the third minute Fillios punishes an Eagle still stuck at zero on the counterattack. Second foul and bench for Niang. With 6’35” it is Grazulis, on the table, who moves the retina on an assist from Conti, then Hubb makes 4-4 in penetration and surpasses with the triple in transition. Greek reply with the stop and shot by Carr and the shoulder movement De Sousa’s basket at the 24″ limit. At 4’03” it’s 7-8. Ellis misses two open triples before scoring four points in a row, while from distance Harrell and Baldwin go back and forth to make it 15-13. At 1’18” Harrell himself makes the impact from the bezel. More free throws with Carr and, with time almost up, Ellis to make it 17-17.


For the hosts the absence of Davide Alviti persists and that of Myles Stephens is added, while the guests will miss the top scorer Roberto Gallinat, former Eurobasket Roma.

Trent: Ellis, Hubb, Conti, Forray, Cooke, Udom, Biligha, Grazulis, Baldwin, Diarra, Niang, Zangheri; coach Galbiati

Aris: Slaftsakis, Carr, Katsivelis, Blumbergs, Fillios, Bochoridis, Persidis, De Sousa, Harrell, Kalogiros, Bankston; coach Kastritis

2023-11-29 20:31:00
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