Administrative Error Leads to Duplicate Payments in Colombian Congress Payrolls

In an unexpected turn within the government’s financial operations, an administrative error has come to light that directly affects the Colombian Congress. The Capitol Office of Budget and Finance has identified duplicate payments, and in some cases even tripled payments, on the payrolls of officials, including the legislators themselves. Those involved have been asked to verify their bank accounts to confirm if they have been recipients of these extra amounts.

This fact adds to a series of similar mistakes that have occurred in various state entities, which has put the control bodies on alert. An official communication has been issued addressed not only to congressmen, but also to their work teams and those in charge of contract supervision, urging them to proceed with the return of improper funds as of Monday, November 27.

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It is imperative to highlight the relevance of the immediate restitution of incorrectly assigned values, since any failure to do so could entail serious disciplinary consequences, as well as fiscal and even criminal sanctions. This call seeks to prevent complications for State employees and preserve the integrity of public administration.

For its part, the Ministry of Finance has expressed its commitment to rectifying this financial lapse and assures that the technicians of the Integrated Financial Information System (SIIF) are already in the process of determining the affected accounts and the specific amounts of the erroneous payments. The entity promises a prompt and efficient solution to correct this fiscal slip.

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2023-11-26 02:55:29
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