A Canarian derby marked by the triple

A clean triple derby. Or that’s what the numbers on the Crab and Lenovo before Sunday’s derby at the Arena (5:30 p.m.). El Dreamlandin the current season, maintains its commitment to the triple, almost above two-point shots. The Gran Canarians have executed a total of 308 shots from outside the perimeter, a figure that is only surpassed by BAXI Manresa’s 312. But the Claretians, in the ACB, with a 33.4% success rate, improve the success of those from Manresa, by making 103 shots from outside the arc for 100 of Pedro Martínez’s, with 32.1%.

On the neighboring island, the bet of Chus Vidorreta For his Tenerife he is very much in line with that of the yellows. The Tenerife people have launched a total of 273 triples, which makes the Aurinegros the sixth team in the ACB that tries their luck in this type of game the most times, surpassed by the 294 of Real Madrid, the 285 of Girona and the 284 of Covirán Grenade.

The commitment to the three-point shot contrasts with the Claretians’ almost disdain for the two-point shot.. The one of Jaka Lakovic It is the second team in the League that shoots the least from medium and short distances, with 331 shots, only surpassed by Palencia’s 227. The yellows have a 55.3% success rate and have 183 two-point shots scored, compared to 175 for the Palencia team, a 53.5% success rate.

For its part, he Lenovo Tenerife It is the third team that shoots the least two in the entire ACB with 342 shots, of which the Laguneros converted 180, with a success rate of 52.6%.

The figures do not deceive. Granca is the ACB team that is closest to equalizing three- and two-point shots. Jaka Lakovic’s men execute a long-distance shot every 1.07 two-point shots, which leaves them almost on par between both shooting ranges.

For its part, Lenovo Tenerife appears as the fourth team in this section with a 1.25, only surpassed by Granca, Real Madrid (1.15) and Zunder Palencia (1.23).

The abuse of the three-point shot is a constant that has worsened this season in the Gran Canaria team. Last year, with 1.24, they became the third team in this section, only surpassed by Baskonia (1.13), Obradoiro (1.20) and equal with Valencia.

Despite the fact that the percentage of success from outside the perimeter has fallen from 37.1% of the previous year to 33.4% of the current one, the commitment to the outside shot continues to rise and is triggered in Dreamland’s moments of frustration, in which he is often not able to more calmly look for better shooting options at the rival hoop.

In the case of Lenovo Tenerife, with a 1.3, its equivalence is very similar to the 1.25 of the current course, although the Laguneros have improved their percentage of success, going from 35.8% to 36.3% currently.

A growing percentage

Despite John Shurna’s injury, the yellows’ improvement in their long-distance shooting is evident. Against Baskonia, Covirán Granada and Casademont Zaragoza, the success percentage has shot up to 42%, 45% and 47%, respectively.

Players like AJ Slaughter and Nico Brussino have taken a step forward to boost their numbers, leading their team to far exceed the 33.4% average for the season; This, together with the improvement in defense, has allowed the team to achieve four consecutive victories in the Endesa League.

Nico-Huertas, duel for the MVP

Sunday’s Canary Islands derby between Granca and Lenovo Tenerife at the Arena (5:30 p.m.) could be decisive in the election of the MVP of the Endesa League this November. On the Gran Canaria side, Nico Brussino leads the race to win that award with an average rating of 25. The Argentine has the handicap of his sprained ankle. He no longer allowed him to perform in the Eurocup clash against Cluj, and until the last minute it seems that we will have to wait to determine his presence or not in the regional rivalry duel. In front, Marcelinho Huertas is fourth in that race with an average rating of 22. Campazzo (24.7), Sedekerkis (24.7), Robinson (21.7), Birgander (20.3), Vesely (20), Okafor (19), Badio (18.7) and Taylor (18.7 ) complete the list of players competing for that MVP. | YEAH

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