Xie Keyin’s Fashionable Baseball Uniform and Sneakers Hint at New EP Preparation

Original title: Xie Keyin’s cool and fashionable baseball uniform and sneakers reveal that he is preparing for a new EP

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Text/Photo) On October 29, Xie Keyin appeared in Shanghai to attend a brand store opening event. Xie Keyin is wearing a red and white baseball uniform with a sports vest, denim shorts and sneakers. He is fashionable, cool and full of energy.

On the same day, Xie Keyin guest-starred as a one-day store manager and shared his fashion knowledge, praising the sneakers he wore for being versatile, fashionable and comfortable.

During the interview, talking about his tears at the just-concluded THE9 Nanjing concert, Xie Keyin laughed and said: “I cried a little and lost two small pearls. In fact, my eyes are still swollen now. The reason why I cry is because I can’t bear to leave.” At the end of this section, when I saw the eyes of the people who loved me in the audience, I really couldn’t help it. I thought it was like a dream, and I was still very moved when I woke up.”

Regarding future development plans for performing arts, Xie Keyin revealed that he is already preparing a new EP and will make a prelude song and shout to fans; “I know what you want, and I’m doing it.” Return to Sohu to see more


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2023-10-29 10:38:03
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