Vítkovice Secures Home Victory with Numerical Advantages against Liberec in the Tipsport Extraliga

Ostrava took advantage of two numerical advantages, once they scored two seconds after Vlach returned to the ice, and for the first time in the year they got a home victory by three points.

“We started well, scored a quick goal, had more chances. However, we committed an awful lot of unnecessary offensive fouls and the opponent punished us for it. We kept catching up and not catching up,” described Liberec assistant Jiří Kudrna.

At the same time, Vítkovice’s first extra-league match under the leadership of the new coaching trio of Miloš Holaň, Pavel Trnka and Roman Šimíček started with a shock for the home side. In the 57th second, Jaromír Pérez did not disdain Raskob’s mistakes and Hawryluk’s ideal pass for the first goal of the match.

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Vítkovice – Liberec, penalty shot by Kelly KlímaVideo: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

“There is no worse entry into the game than scoring a goal in the opening minute. I appreciate the fact that we did not put our heads down and gave everything to the match. We helped each other with power-ups, we played a great weakening. The key moment of the match was the caught free kick, where Klimson (Lukáš Klimeš) held us up. Praise for the whole team, this is how we should present ourselves,” rejoiced Vítkovic coach Miloš Holaň.

Vítkovice turned the game around before the first break and did not let it go. And when needed, they calmly defended him with their fists. Like captain Dominik Lakatoš against Lukáš Derner seven seconds before the second siren. “Emotions belong to hockey. It’s better to say it to yourself than to poke and prod at each other the whole match. Moreover, people like it,” said Liberec defender Ronald Knot, who reduced the home team’s lead to a one-goal difference with the first goal of the season at the beginning of the third period.

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Vítkovice – Liberec, battleVideo: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

“But then we made two fouls and used the home advantage of five against three. After a good start, we played too lightly. After that, it was already a well-worn song – we won’t help ourselves in the overpowering game, on the contrary, we will cash in when we are weaker,” Knot calculated the crucial moments of the 10th round match.

“I’m happy for the goal, it’s a bonus. But I haven’t been on the ice since. Above all, I’m happy that the minutes are popping up when I can play without pain,” said Knot, who returned to Liberec before this season after two years abroad and back surgery.

Vítkovice got their first home win by three points. And the players were relieved. “The desire to break it decided. We trusted each other from the beginning. Wednesday’s win in the Champions League over Biel also helped us. It was a tough match, perfect for us. We helped each other with power plays and that’s how it should be,” said Vítkovice captain Lakatoš after the offensive best match of the season, who recorded five shots, an assist and seven penalty minutes in the match statistics.

Five for the battle with Derner. “Somehow it resulted from where we are in the table and what we needed to do today. Even those emotions need to be put into it. It happened to me, anyone would. You have to show that you have balls,” smiled Lakatoš.


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