Violent Riots Erupt Before Lower Rhine Cup Match Between KFC Uerdingen and MSV Duisburg

Bad riots before the game in the Lower Rhine Cup between KFC Uerdingen and MSV Duisburg (1:0 nV) on Wednesday evening!

Before the game, the Duisburg team bus was attacked by hardcore fans of the fifth division club as it was traveling to the Grotenburg Stadium. The police had to intervene and were also attacked by the chaotic people.

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Uerdingen and Duisburg played for a place in the third round of the cup. A total of 2,500 fans, including 500 from the Ruhr area, are on site for the historic derby. More spectators cannot currently fit in the stadium because the arena is being renovated.

But how could the ugly scenes before kick-off come about?

According to police, the Duisburg team bus did not take the agreed route and probably took a wrong turn. And that has consequences. Suddenly the bus stops at a Shell gas station near the stadium – exactly where the Uerdingen Ultras usually make their way to the stadium.

Penalty saved, then scored himself Goalkeeper punished attack of arrogance

What: AP 10/12/2023

When the hardcore fans discover their arch enemy, a total of 50 people attack the bus and, among other things, hit the windows. They also use stones and bottles as projectiles. When the police intervene, she is also attacked. The ultras also attack the officers with scissors and pyrotechnics.

Two police officers are injured and taken to hospitals. At least one person is arrested.

Normally the team bus has a police escort. It is still unclear why this was not the case this time. The game was classified in advance as a high-risk game.

Duisburg press spokesman Martin Haltermann: “When we arrived, the navigation device took us past the gas station opposite the Grotenburg Stadium, which is the meeting point for the Uerdingen ultra scene. We drove on the other side of the four-lane road and were also separated by the central green belt.”

And further: “When the KFC fans saw us, among other things, full beer bottles flew onto our bus. It suffered several dents, but no windows were broken and no one on the bus was hurt. The police were also there very quickly and brought us safely to the stadium, which is only a few hundred meters away anyway. We have filed a complaint against unknown people.”

There will also be a short interruption during the game. Duisburg fans shoot a rocket onto the pitch. Police officers then enter the lawn.

But football is still being played – Uerdingen surprisingly wins 1-0 after extra time against Duisburg, who play two classes higher and are therefore clearly favourites. Fabio Ribeiro scored the decisive goal in the 107th minute.

However, what happened on the square that day was overshadowed by the violent riots.

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