Unión Magdalena: Can a Relegated Team Become Champions of the BetPlay League?

Betplay League

The cyclone has already descended by 2024, but the system allows it to be champion of the BetPlay II League.

Union Magdalena vs. Bucaramanga.
Photo: Dimayor


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October 23, 2023, 12:24 a.m. m.

One of the news this weekend, on date 18 of the BetPlay II-2023 League, was the relegation of Unión Magdalena, after losing 1-2 against Bucaramanga, at the Sierra Nevada stadium in Santa Marta.

The team led by Harold Rivera did not have a good performance this season and, adding the 2022 campaign, the average condemned it, becoming the first League team to fall to the Second Division for the 2024 season.

However, the cyclone has two days to say goodbye to the A and expose the mistakes that the Dimayor makes to put together the championship system.

Criticism is raining down on Colombian soccer, because they do not pay attention to the small details, and now Unión, already sentenced to be downgraded, could reach the semi-final quadrangles and even be champion of Colombia in League II. Incredible!

And the fact is that the mathematics, the competition system, the regulations, the fixture and even the results of the other rivals, would allow an already relegated team to be among the eight best in Colombian football and fight on equal terms in the semi-final phase, to qualify for the final…and fight for the title.

With 22 points, Unión Magdalena must win its two remaining games: Tolima in Ibagué, and Medellín in Santa Marta. Thus, it would reach 28 points and would depend on the results of six teams.

Yes, we know, it is practically impossible for it to happen, but the way the championship was set up would allow this unusual surprise in the BetPlay II-2023 League.

What should happen with the other teams:

– Oil Alliance – 25 points: maximum 2 points (27)

– Junior – 24: maximum 3 points (27)

– Deportivo Cali – 24: maximum 3 (27)

– Bucaramanga – 23: maximum 4 (27)

– Grass – 23: maximum 4 (27)

– Santa Fe – 23 maximum 4 (27)

– Union – 22: win both (28 points)

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