TVE apologizes for broadcasting the images of his lifeless body

Barcelona Television images revealed this Monday morning the discovery of a lifeless body belonging to Álvaro Prieto, the 18-year-old Córdoba footballer who disappeared on October 12 in Seville and who had been relentlessly searched for Since then. The body has appeared between two carriages of a medium-distance train at Santa Justa station, in the Andalusian capital.

While broadcasting live from the proximity of the tracks, La 1 has captured images of a body dressed in clothes that match what, according to several witnesses, the boy was wearing at the time he disappeared. The Civil Guard has confirmed that the body was that of the player. The broadcast of the images of the body, which was between two carriages of a moving train, has been met with criticism for breaching RTVE’s style manual. Among other things, the manual states that “close-ups of wounded people and dead bodies are always unnecessary.” this afternoon RTVE has apologized: “These are images that should never have been broadcast.” In addition, they noted that the program, after apologizing, has made available to the police all the audiovisual material they had. The corporation has opened an internal investigation into the events.

Prieto had gone to Seville with some friends to party at a well-known venue on Wednesday night. Thursday morning is the last day he was seen alive. He was supposed to return to Córdoba with Avant, but he had trouble punching the ticket and his cell phone ran out of battery. The boy missed the train he was originally supposed to take and decided, after crossing the track in the middle, to get on an AVE that was going to Barcelona and stopped in Córdoba, but the train staff let him off . Footage from station cameras showed Prieto leaving the facility.

The train had not been running since August 24

After three days of uninterrupted searching, the work of the investigators focused on the train tracks near Santa Justa, which is where the body was finally found. Renfe has reported in a statement that the train where the body appeared “has not been in service” for weeks due to a “breakdown” and that it “had not moved” or undergone “any inspection” since August 24. “Today I was carrying out an internal maneuver without providing passenger service,” he added. The company has assured in the message that it is already collaborating with the police to clarify the facts and has expressed its condolences to Prieto’s family.

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