Toni Freixa says that they were not allowed to speak Catalan in Madrid

Toni Freixa, ex-director of Barcelona, usually makes striking statements to grab the headlines, especially in important media moments such as, for example, the dispute of a Classic. In the run-up to this Saturday’s clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Freixa said in an interview that they were not allowed to speak Catalan at the Santiago Bernabéu.

“In a Champions League match at the Bernabéu, our message to the fans was not allowed in Catalan. In Madrid they didn’t let us speak Catalan,” commented Freixa in an interview for El Desmarque.


Furthermore, Toni Freixa was outraged because Real Madrid has not accepted the culé manager’s apology regarding the comment on social networks in which he insulted Vinícius: “It is unspeakable, but what I don’t understand is that the topic continues to drag on when the tweet has been deleted. I don’t know why we give it more rope. It is out of place, Barça has apologized in its own way and there is nothing more,” Freixa commented on Mikel Camps.

It didn’t stop there since Freixa believes that all this is being exaggerated from Madrid: “You have now discovered that Mikel Camps is a manager, because you didn’t know before… You have discovered that he is a manager and therefore represents Barça. “So why does it have to be the same person who apologizes and not another person representing the club?”

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