The Ongoing Fan War Between Rapid and Austria Reaches a New Level of Escalation

The fan war between Rapid and Austria is entering the next round.

The next level of escalation for the hardcore fans in Hütteldorf and Favoriten has been reached. In April, the Viola Fanatics, the Violets’ largest fan club at the time, had to disband because fan paraphernalia was confiscated from them following an attack by a Rapid group. The end of the hardcore fan club was a logical consequence, common in these circles.

At the first derby after that, exactly this fence flag was cut up in the stadium. But the Viennese “fan war” continues. Two weeks ago, rumors were circulating that a significant part of the birthday choreography (35 years) had been stolen from Ultras-Rapid. Insiders and executives looked nervously at the crisis derby on Sunday. In addition to the sporting misery (read the match report here) of the two traditional clubs, violent conflicts were to be expected – as always – between the two fan camps.

Provocation: return upon self-collection

Towards the end of the game comes the next act, which could have an aftermath. The violet fans rolled out a banner with a reference to the online sales portal “”. This is exactly where the “captured” part of the choreo is offered. With provocative swipes from the user AW (initials of Austria Vienna) with location in Favoriten (click here for the sales link).

The condition of the object offered is “defect”. The handover only takes place if you pick it up yourself. But it goes even further: “Due to negligence, we can sell part of the UR anniversary choreo at a reasonable price,” says the short description. How the record champions’ fans react to this remains to be seen. After this provocation, a reaction cannot be ruled out.

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