The NBA All-Star Game Returns to Old Format, Phoenix Suns Lose Draft Pick, and De’Aaron Fox Joins Stephen Curry’s Brand

The NBA All-Star Game will return to an old no-draft format and traditional game mode. The Phoenix Suns lose a second-round pick to an offense in free agency and De’Aaron Fox joins Stephen Curry’s brand.

NBA, news and rumors: All-Star Game returns to old format and mode

The draft at the NBA All-Star Game is probably a thing of the past for now. The league announced on Wednesday (October 25) that the game will once again be played as a duel between the Western and Eastern Conferences, with 12 players per team. This was already the format of the exhibition game before a change was made for the past six seasons, with two elected team captains choosing their teammates.

This season’s theme is “Back to Basketball,” Commissioner Adam Silver told reporters. This also applies to the game mode, which has experimented with the Elam Ending in recent years, in which the fourth quarter is played until a certain score is reached instead of until the 12 minutes are up. On February 18th in Indianapolis, four quarters of twelve minutes each will be played.

“We’re thinking about some changes in the format,” Silver said on an ESPN broadcast last week: “Maybe a return to something more traditional in how the teams are presented. It’s a lot about making it clear to the players and teams how “The game is important for the fans. We don’t expect playoff intensity, but a competitive game for our fans.”

NBA, news and rumors: Phoenix Suns lose pick after breaking the rules

The Phoenix Suns have to forego their second-round pick in the upcoming draft because they apparently did not adhere to the time rules in the last free agency. The league announced this on Wednesday (October 25th). Accordingly, the Suns began discussions with Drew Eubanks early on, before this was allowed. The Suns are giving up the pick that originally belonged to the Nuggets and was acquired in a trade with the Orlando Magic.

“We are disappointed with the results of the NBA investigation,” the Suns said in a statement: “If there was a rule violation, it was unintentional. However, we accept the league’s punishment and are focused on the season.” The NBA said the Suns were cooperating with the investigation.

NBA, news and rumors: De’Aaron Fox becomes Stephen Curry’s first brand partner

De’Aaron Fox from the Sacramento Kings is apparently close to completing a deal with Curry Brand, the signature line of Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) at Under Armour. This is reported by Shams Charania (The Athletic). Fox would be Curry’s first brand partner.

The 25-year-old was voted an All-Star for the first time last season and helped the Kings to a surprisingly good season for many fans and observers. Fox averaged 25.0 points and 6.1 assists on 51.2 percent from the field in 33.4 minutes in 73 games.

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