The most “serious” Kings League ends in Malaga with Joaquín as the player and Casillas as the referee

Gerard Piqué will deliver tonight in The Rose Garden the third championship trophy to a Kings League team in six months and the second trophy to one of the Queens, the women’s competition, in three. Between the previous awards ceremony, at the end of July at the Cívitas Metropolitano in Madrid, and these new finals in Malaga, there has been a break in August, a new draft of players, five days of matches in the cup-holder format of both, Kings and Queens Cup, and even a children’s tournament, the Prince Cupat its headquarters in the port of Barcelona.

The competition created by the former Barça footballer and organized by his company Kosmos maintains a dizzying pace of changes and new proposals in less than a year of life. The last matches of this cup had not yet been played when the Kingdom Cupthe “club competition” that will pit the men’s and women’s sections of each team against each other in the same match, and its final event in the Palau Sant Jordi from Barcelona.

And there is no intention of slowing down. “We are going to continue in 2024, we are going to do more competitions, we will launch the Kings League Americas, an international tournament,” defended Piqué in the press conference prior to the finals from the Malaga stadium. But this idea of ​​continuous expansion clashes with the general drop in audiencewhich continues to lead the Twitch and social media rankings but increasingly further away from the first season, and the doubts of some presidents.

“I don’t understand anything anymore. Before entering the Kings League there were only two ‘splits’ (seasons) and I already think we are on our fifth tournament. Who was the 2023 champion? El Barrio, Aniquiladores, Móstoles? “How many champions are there going to be?” Kun Agüero, president of Kunisports, asked in a live interview. “Maybe it’s a little tiring, right? Maybe it’s a lot of tournaments”.

Since Kosmos, however, the official version has not changed. Although they admit that the same audience “peaks” are no longer reached as with Ronaldinho or the masked players from a few months ago, they defend that it is because “the competition has become serious and no one is willing to bring masked players or dress up”in the words of the CEO, Oriol Querol.

Words that contrast with the main bets for tonight in Malaga, announced less than 24 hours before its start: the “decision” of former soccer player Joaquín, who will kick off the event by choosing a team to play with in these finals, and the ‘signing’ as referee of Iker Casillas. Unnecessary bets to fill La Rosaleda, since the tickets were sold out a few hours after going on sale (with controversy included), but they seek to attract the attention of an audience that will follow it from home and that is increasingly elusive.

Basic guide to the Kings & Queens Cup final

Same as in Camp Nou and in the MetropolitanKosmos maintains its commitment to a mix of football “with invented rules”, actions with the presidents of each team and musical performances that will provide several hours of live entertainment.

From early in the morning you can go to La Rosaleda to buy team merchandising and at 15:00 hours The arrival of the teams is scheduled. The live show, which can be followed on the competition’s official channels and on the presidents’ social media profiles, will begin at 4:30 p.m. and will feature musical performances by Kiko Rivera, Marc Seguí y Soge Culebra.

On this occasion, the peculiar format of the playoffs reduces the games to a semi-final and final in Kings and Queens, since the first of each of the two groups faced each other for the direct pass to the decisive match. In Queens, Annihilators will face Female Pio (5:30 p.m.) for a place in the final against Saiyans (8:00 p.m.). At the Kings, The Trunks y Annihilators (6:45 p.m.), who have gone far in all the tournaments, will seek to challenge the trophy against Ultimate Mostoles (21:45h).

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