The Lyceum pays for the nerves in defense

He Lyceum fell for 3-2 in the boiler Calafell in a match in which the greens allowed themselves to come back against a team, the Catalan, who knew how to take advantage of the defensive errors that the college team committed in the first half. The Green and White reaction in the second half was not enough to rescue a point in their first outing of this campaign.

The duel began filming at the Joan Ortoll. The Liceo managed to add the electricity it wanted to the game in the first minutes, with several warning arrivals at the goal of Gerard Camps. The connection of captains produced the first goal of the afternoon. He assisted César Carballeirawho was left alone in front of the goalkeeper and defined perfectly with a chipped ball. 0-1.

The men of Juan Copa, who immediately threatened to continue the attack on the Calafellense goal. The home team tied quickly. Joan Pascual made space for the goal to beat Tiago with precise shooting. 1-1.

The game increased its tension with the tie. The quick actions followed one another from one goal to the other, like a one-on-one from Dava after stealing in the opponent’s field. The refreshment players from the bench encouraged the high school offensive: Chocolates He entered with two cannon shots, one deflected and another that Camps covered.

But the Argentine made a mistake in constructing a play, Arnau Xaus stole the ball and scored 2-1 after a combination with Lonely Selva in front of Tiago. He had a lot to row at the Liceo, which was gripped by nerves fueled by the cauldron of Calafell fans. A blue card to César Carballeira It further complicated the scenario for the Lyceum. Xaus defined perfectly in a direct free kick to increase the income of Catalans. 3-1.

The second half started with the consequences of a brawl in the locker room at the end of the first act. The referees cautioned Juan Copa and Ferrán López, Calafell coach, and sent off Jordi Ferrer. The two teams started with three court players, but soon the Liceo recovered one and benefited from that superiority during a stretch that ignited the local fans against the referees. On the track, César Carballeira managed to make the advantage profitable of number with a howitzer free of opposition that hit the net defended by Gerard Camps. 3-2.

Juan Copa’s pupils harassed the Calafell goalkeeper in a running game with a shot at César’s post. Camps did not give in to any shot in play, nor to a direct foul by Dava Torres due to an accumulation of infractions.

The final stretch brought strong emotions. The referees pointed out Tiago’s penalty, but the Portuguese goalkeeper himself amended the situation by saving Sepi Selva’s shot. It was still 3-2. Juan Copa called a timeout with just under 90 seconds left. It was his turn to put five court players looking for a tie in extremis that did not come. Calafell, with the aim of securing the result, relied on an even tougher defense of their goal and fouls, for and against, that slowed down the game. Liceo left without a prize and without the first three points away from home in this league.

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