The last message from Dafna and Iván, the Spaniard who disappeared in Israel: “Someone has entered our house”

Inon Hefer is a personal friend of Dafna and Iván, the Spaniard who disappeared in Israel after the attack on the kibbutzs

Inon has recounted the horror that Dafna and Iván’s neighbors suffered: “They raped their neighbor in front of her children”

This friend of the couple believes that Dafna and Iván are kidnapped in the Gaza Strip

Let it be known according to official sources, two Spaniards disappeared last Saturday October 7 in Israel after the attack carried out by the Hamas terrorist group. Mayaa young woman with dual Spanish and Israeli nationality who was finally found deade Ivan Illarramendia young man born in Zarauz.

Iván lived with his wife Dafnaof Chilean nationality, in what is known as kibbutzsmall agricultural settlements close to the Gaza Strip. Everything seemed normal that Saturday morning when a dozen armed people entered the village. Inon Hefer is a personal friend of the couple and has recounted in the ‘Horizonte’ special what the last moments of Iván and Dafna were like before they They lost track of them after the attack.

The last words of Dafna and Iván

Inon, personal friend of Dafna and Ivá

Inon has told exclusively in ‘Horizonte’ that That same Saturday morning he spoke with Dafna about how they were because, as he himself explained, they had a habit of talking when there was some type of attack between Isreal and Gaza:

“I asked him how they were because There was already talk of the Hamas attack on the newsshe told me that they were fine but that they had come home from a party because there had been shots (…) After a while he told me that He couldn’t send me any more voice messages. because they had to be silent, since they believed that someone had entered his house“.

Inon explains that the last thing she heard about Dafna and Iván was at 11:30, when he received this last message. Although nothing is known about the couple’s whereabouts, the truth is that they have been found just 20 meters away from their home. completely massacred bodiesand 50 meters to the right burned houses.

Inon is convinced that his friends are among the almost 150 kidnapped Israelis that Hamas is holding in the Gaza Strip. to be used as human shields with which to protect themselves, or to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners.


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