The footballer posted a pro-Palestinian post. The famous club responds quickly. “Mindless” Football

There is an open armed conflict in Israel. On Saturday morning, the fundamentalist Palestinian organization Hamas attacked the country from the Gaza Strip. Dozens of rockets were fired and his fighters entered Israeli territory and took civilians hostage. Since then, over 2,000 people have died on both sides. victims. Hamas’ aggression has caused considerable enthusiasm in Islamist countries, as well as in Muslim communities in Western Europe.

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The German footballer supported Palestine. He quickly backed away. “He understood…”

Even Yusuf Kabadayi, a player from the German national under-20 team, joined the group of supporters of aggression. On Instagram, he posted a photo with a Palestinian flag and the slogan: “I stand for Palestine.” The 19-year-old Schalke 04 player has dual citizenship – German and Turkish. After just 20 minutes, he deleted the post.

It turns out that he did it right after club officials contacted him. – The player immediately understood that this post was completely inappropriate, not only because of the timing – Schalke sporting director Andre Hechelmann told Bild.

Schalke player apologizes: “I am a Muslim and I do not support violence”

Just an hour later, Kabadayi publicly apologized for the post. – I would like to apologize for my post. It was thoughtless. I just wish that both sides can live peacefully. My condolences to all the victims. I am against war and all forms of oppression. I am a Muslim and I do not support violence or terror. I support innocent Muslims, just like all those who suffered in this war, he said on social media.

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Currently, the footballer is at the German youth national team training camp. After his return, Schalke officials plan to meet him in person and discuss the incident with him again. Even before Kabadayi’s entry, the club issued a statement as a sign of solidarity with Israel – We are horrified by the attacks on Israel. Our thoughts are with the local population and we remember the victims and their families… – it was written.


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