The elephant fish was desired in Miramar

The beaches of The Backwater and South Sea, in General Alvarado’s party, were the scene of the 16th edition of the Elephant Fish Tournament which was organized by the Albatros Club and which had the participation of 540 fishermen. A different day than expected, since the weather conditions were not favorable. The color of the water was far from being ideal for fishing this species and this was especially noticeable in the results of the day. Were the brotolas that dominated the contest, but only two exceeded one kilogram in weight, the minimum mark established by the regulations so that a varied piece could be classified among the first prizes.

A light drizzle early in the morning, light winds from the south-southeast sector, cloudy skies and sea with high waves were the framework that the beaches presented at the beginning of the tournament, but As the hours passed, the conditions were with improvement trend, closing with a sunny day, although somewhat cool due to the rotation of the wind towards the east. It should be noted that, despite this, The release leads held well.

Beyond the complications with suspended algae, situation that was accentuated near the La Ballenera stream and in the area known as Cueva de las lechuzas, accounted officially some 17 brotolas, the star of the contest, Although several more came out, they were not directly presented by the fishermen, because they did not meet the minimum weight. One of them weighed 1,070 kg on the scale and dominated almost the entire competition. seconded by another of just 10 grams less.

It was Julio Sánchez, a Mechongué fan, who broke all the schemes There is one hour left until closing, put an elephant fish weighing almost 2 kilos in “The old backwater”, an area well known to that fisherman and which, contrary to all possible theories, has a short ravine with immense rocky terrain. With that catch, Sánchez took home the top prize of $1,200,000. Minutes later, a few meters from that place, Maximiliano Zabala from the city of 25 de Mayo, captured a mutt weighing almost 8 kilos and took home the special prize of $120,000. The classification was only completed up to third place, with the extractions of Mario Nordemer from Balcarce, a 1,070 kg brotola, and Alberto Orfano, from Mar del Plata, with a specimen of the same species, weighing 1,060 kg.

To highlight, the excellent organization of the Albatros Fishermen Club of Miramar, that, as indicated in the regulations raffled off all the scheduled prizes and that they had been left vacant due to lack of catches. Furthermore, in a wise decision, eliminated the traditional hooker and kept all the catches, except for the mutt, which was returned, to be donated to the Municipal Hospital of the city of Miramar.

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