The 6 teams that will play the Kings and Queens Cup finals in Malaga have been defined

Ultimate Mostoles (DjMaRiiO), Trunks (Perxitaa) and Annihilators (Juan Guarnizo), in the men’s team, and Saiyans (Moon Clark), Annihilators (Espe Borrás) and Pio FC (Rivers), in the women’s team, are the 6 teams that will play in Malaga this Saturday ends of the Kings y la Queens Cup. An event for which there will be a full house at La Rosaleda with the city very involved.

The first pass was awarded Ultimate Móstoles by DjMaRiiO -He put on a Málaga CF shirt at the end of the game. The first classified in each group had the reward of competing in just 40 minutes on direct pass to the absolute final for the title. And that was where the YouTuber won the direct position after beat the Annihilators team 4-2. So they remain waiting to meet the rival for whom they will compete in La Rosaleda in this new format.

Image of the semifinal between Troncos and Annihiladores. Kings League

Those two teams that will compete to play against Ultimate Móstoles are those of Perxitaa and Juan Guarnizo. The set of Trunks defeated, even by far, The Neighborhood (1-5), which showed a very distant image of the team that has participated in the two Kings League finals. While Annihilators, after beat Porcinos de Ibai Llanos (4-2)is the only team that has qualified for the three Final Four that have been played so far.

Queens League

The Queens team that will only have to play 40 minutes to fight for the Cup is Saiyans from president Lluna Clark – a member of TheGrefg – after winning by the minimum 1K from Mayichi (4-3). His rival will leave Aniquiladoras-Pio FC. The players led by Espe beat the El Barrio team in the penalty shootout (3-0) after reaching the end of regulation time 3-3. A procedure that had to be repeated in the 1K-Pio to which both reached 4-4 and which was decided in favor of the Rivers set (0-2).

Aniquiladoras beat El Barrio to be in Malaga next Saturday. Queens League


In addition to the teams, this Saturday it was also revealed who will put the musical icing on the cake at the Kings and Queens Cup show. The artists who will entertain the show are Kiko Rivera, Marc Seguí and Soge Culebra.

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